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Prepping for school...

The sweetest boy

I had a bit of a rough day today emotionally.  I don't even know why exactly, I just found everything either made me feel angry, annoyed, or downright sad.  I'm not usually like that, but that's just how the day went.  But I couldn't help but feel better by evening.  Andrew was excited all day about the fact that he and Daddy would build a fire after the babies went to bed, and then he and I would sit and watch a movie together.  Once we were all cozy under his Spiderman comforter with our snacks, ready to watch the movie, he turned to me and said, 'You know what, Mommy?  I wish we could just be like this forever, you and me, here, just like this!'

That boy truly knows how to melt this Momma's heart :)

Happy Birthday Gram

A partial post is better than no post at all!

I hate loud people

Twin sisters

I wrote this a few days ago but for some reason forgot to post it...I think I wanted to add more to it but since that's obviously not going to happen I thought it may as well be posted as is!