The day before Christmas Eve

Tonight right after dinner we headed out to look at Christmas lights.  We started out around the girls’ bedtime, so we figured they’d have their bottle and be out in no time.  We were right…for one baby.  I think Margaret was asleep before we even pulled out of the driveway!  Emily, on the other hand, wailed at the top of her lungs for a good 15 minutes or so.  We stopped a couple of times so I could try to calm her down but nothing worked.  Eventually she managed to calm herself down and she dozed a bit, but somehow managed to stay awake for much of the outing.  She just likes her routine of going to bed in her cozy crib, and I honestly think she was worried we were going to be out for a long time like we were last week when we went to Van Dusen to see the Christmas lights there.  When she realized she was home in her crib that night, she was immediately relaxed and I could see her just sink into her crib and cozy up to her blankets and she was just so HAPPY to be home in her bed!  All 3 kids were in bed within about 2 minutes of us getting home and none have made a peep since (yet, anyway!)

Andrew and I particularly enjoyed the lights, although I think James did too, even though he likely wouldn’t bother going out to see the lights if it wasn’t for us insisting we do it each year.  There are some pretty amazing light displays out there.  I really felt the Christmas spirit on our drive tonight.

I can’t believe it’s Christmas Eve in about 20 minutes!  Andrew is going to be SO excited tomorrow!!  And the next day obviously…I am so excited myself, I sort of feel like a little kid – just the anticipation of seeing the kids open their presents and the excitement it’s all going to bring to them, I can’t help but have butterflies in my stomach.  I woke up this morning at 630 and couldn’t get back to sleep because I was thinking about all the last minute prep I needed to work on, so I can only imagine what state I’ll be in tomorrow!!

Today was a really good day, despite me getting up at the crack of dawn and really only getting about 4.5 hours total for the night.  I got up, had a shower, and the girls slept in a bit (till about 745am) so I was able to have some coffee and get a few things done before they were up.  I finished getting myself ready for the day, then got everyone else ready, and with snacks in hand so I wouldn’t have to deal with our usual breakfast routine and slow us down, off we headed to do a shop at Safeway for all our last minute Xmas groceries.  We finished up there just as the pet store opened, so we were able to get Fifi’s food.  It just felt like everything was going so smoothly, and I was in a good mood and actually had a decent amount of energy.  The girls went down for their nap easily at their usual time, and slept for a pretty good length of time, so Andrew and I had some time together.  My energy waned as the afternoon went on, and I was pretty much a zombie again by around 2 or 3 pm, but still.  My parents came over for a bit so I went for a short outing on my own, then got a little bit of Christmas wrapping done before they had to leave.  Andrew and I had some good laughs together, and we were both really looking forward to our Xmas lights adventure.  It really was a good day over all.

I’m SO excited about James being off work as of 3pm tomorrow, all the way till January 6th!  Happy Holidays!!

PS If Andrew had been born on his due date, today would have been his 5th birthday!  But NYE is not far off =)


Chandra said…
Such an awesome time for you guys, got your card, I posted,

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