It's Christmas time in the city!

Well, the countdown is really on now.  THREE days till Christmas.  I can’t forget that, because Andrew reminds me every chance he gets!  He has an advent calendar on the fridge (just a piece of paper with a Christmas countdown that came with his ‘Letter to Santa’ kit at the dollar store), a Kinder Surprise advent calendar (that he asks every morning if he can open BEFORE breakfast, even though I always say No!) and one with ribbons that my mom made when I was 2 and that we always used when I was growing up. 

I just about have all the wrapping done.  We have an insane pile of prezzies under the tree already, it’s absolutely crazy!  They’re not all for the kids – we have prezzies for all our family under there too – but still, we’ve never had so many presents under our own tree before!  And Santa hasn’t even visited yet!  It’s going to be a ridiculous mess of paper come the actual day.  I can hardly wait to see the way the babies react, not really having any idea what’s coming!

Last night Andrew, James and I sat cozy by the fireplace and watched The Polar Express after the girls went to bed (and we ate popcorn).  I loved it!  James left half way through the movie to make a phone call, but Andrew enjoyed the whole thing and afterwards even said that he LOVED the movie (and since requested watching it again today, although we haven’t yet !)  I was SO happy to get Andrew into that movie this year.  I have loved it since I first saw it after it came out in 2004.  But I never had anyone to watch it with because literally everyone in my family didn’t seem to care for it.  I was always bummed out because everyone would leave the room when I put it on!  Andrew didn’t like it even last year, he watched the hot chocolate scene on repeat (and I remember finding that really annoying!) but he wouldn’t watch the whole movie, and I figured that was it, I would be doomed to watch it alone (or not at all) for life.  But as it happens, the boy loved it, and I can totally see it becoming our tradition to watch it each year.  It’s only a few years before the girls will be into it, too.  It makes me so happy to start these traditions with my children.  For all the things that are difficult about raising kids, it’s the little moments like that that really make it rewarding.  I know that seems like a silly example of something that would make it worth having kids for, obviously watching a movie isn’t what makes it special – it’s just that I love to start little family traditions and to know that as Andrew and his sisters get older, they will think about a certain holiday and things like this will come to mind that they’ve always enjoyed at that time of year.  It’s so amazing to me that these people we created are having experiences that they will carry with them their whole lives through (what a concept I know – maybe I’m just being really sentimental at the moment!)

I’m really excited about Christmas, and then we have Andrew’s birthday to finish planning and then we start a whole new year.  It feels fresh somehow, even though I know it’s just a calendar and it doesn’t actually mean our lives are changing in any big way.  I do feel like it gives us the chance to make some changes though, and even though it’s totally clichéd, I plan on making some resolutions and actually stick to them this year.  There are some things I HAVE to do to make 2014 an extra amazing year – one full of health, happiness, fun, adventure.  I’m ready for it!


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