Gearing up for big days ahead

Finally getting Andrew’s birthday invites out, and now worrying they’ll get to people way later than they should, given all the extra no-mail days coming up…It’s so hard having a just after Xmas birthday to plan for, and complicated further by the fact that it’s on New Year’s Eve!  Every year so far I’ve been pretty good about getting everything planned (at least the invites in the mail!) well in advance but this year it has kind of crept up on me.

But we have the Lego Star Wars theme going, and I sat down with Andrew tonight and talked a bit about ideas for games we can play and ways to make the party a little more interesting.  Since we’re pretty much inviting the same people to this party as we did for the babies’ first birthday just 2 months ago, I don’t want it to feel like we’re doing the exact same thing all over again!  I have to really think about how to play up on the theme.  I know Andrew will love it no matter what, but I do want to make it special, because his day is one of the most important days in the year to me, AND he’s turning FIVE.

December is such a whirlwind of decorating, buying gifts, wrapping, visiting, organizing, planning, and executing.  Even though there actually IS space between the girls’ birthday in October and Andrew’s in December, it feels as though the two events are back to back and I have so much to think about in that time frame.  BUT I have to count my lucky stars that Andrew waited till New Year’s Eve to make his debut, rather than coming on his due date (December 23) or a day or two after…!!!  It would be a lot more complicated planning for an actual Christmas birthday!


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