December daily blogs?

I decided the other day that I’d like to try a 'blog every day in December' type of thing…I’ve got 11 minutes to write something and post it before I ruin that plan on the very first day of the month!!

So many things I want to write about and then I finally get the chance to write and I’ve got nothing.

But this counts, right – it’s my pledge to try to blog more…Even if it’s just a few lines, though I promise it’ll be better than this!!  I want to do kid updates, write about random stuff from our days…Like today, for example – both the highlight and the lowlight for me was our trip to Ikea.  I hated it with a passion because it was WAY TOO BUSY for someone who’s used to shopping during the week when most people are at work, and not during a Christmas rush on a Sunday afternoon.  However, I loved it because I got early Xmas presents from James – a small Expedit shelf with wicker baskets (to hide some of the kids’ toys!) and a Lack shelf to put above it to FINALLY do something with the bare wall in our ‘upper living room’ area.  I’ve been obsessing over getting those items for a while now, and now I have them!  It was bittersweet having to go there today.  I’m glad we did though. 

I’m totally crashing and this is a complete fail, this post, but I hope to stick to my plan of a post a day this month…we’ll see how I do!


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