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Andrew came down with a really bad cold all of a sudden this morning.  He was so upset because it was James’ work Christmas party tonight, and he had been so excited about going.  There was no way we could go and potentially infect so many people, so I had to break it to him that it just wasn’t happening.  He sobbed and sobbed and sobbed for at least an hour, and kept asking me if I might change my mind.  Poor guy!  I felt so bad for him, and I tried to console him and reminded him that I’m on his side, I wasn’t saying we couldn’t go to punish him.  But he was angry and upset and just wanted to be left alone, so I let him be for a while.  Then out of the blue he came up to me and said, ‘You know what, Mommy, if we can’t go to Daddy’s party, we could just have a party of our own here at home!’  He was so cheerful after that, and was satisfied with nachos (our ‘party’ food), baking some chocolate cupcakes (our ‘party’ dessert), and having our own dance party.  He seemed genuinely happy with it, and said, ‘Daddy’s party just had food and stuff, but at our party we got to do whatever we wanted, and even got to play Crazy 8’s, so that’s pretty good, right?!’  LOL

Another Andrewism…For the nachos, I gave Andrew a little bowl of hummus rather than salsa since all we had was a spicy one and I knew he wouldn’t want that.  After he finished all his chips, he looked at his bowl and said, ‘There’s still some hummus in here.  I hate to see hummus go to waste, so I’ll just finish this up!’  LOL  Seriously, this kid cracks me up.  ‘I hate to see hummus go to waste’ – he’s too much!!

The babies have taken to saying, ‘Meow!’ (which sounds a bit more like, ‘Maow’)  every time they see Fifi or hear her name or see a picture of a cat.  Especially Margaret (although it’s Emily who is obsessed with petting Fifi!  And inevitably getting scratched by her…yet it doesn’t deter her).  Margaret also says, ‘Nigh Nigh’ for ‘Night Night’.  Tonight they were standing by the gate at the bottom of the stairs and giving me a look like, ‘It’s time!’ so I said, ‘What, you want to go to bed already?!’ and Margaret said, ‘Nigh nigh!’  Last night when we finished dinner I asked the babies if they wanted to go have a tubby and immediately Emily perked up and said, ‘Tub, Tub, TUB!’  LOL  It’s so CUTE listening to them say words, and I love how much they understand – it’s actually crazy to me how much they already understand.

A hilarious one from this morning:  Someone had done a big poo but I didn’t know who yet, so I said, ‘Alright, who pood?!’  and Emily looked at me and then thought for a second and said, ‘Dada!’  It was so funny.  Way to pass the buck there Emily, but no, it wasn’t Dada, it was you!!

‘Nana’ is banana, and both babies love to say it when I hand them a piece.  Margaret has also taken to going into the kitchen and pointing up at the banana stand and demanding a ‘nana’!  Margaret definitely talks more than Emily with actual words, but Emily has mastered baby talk, and is talking in full blown sentences – we just can’t quite decipher them, but it’s clear she knows exactly what she’s talking about!!  It’s absolutely adorable.  They are both so expressive, and such happy babies.  They smile so often, and what I’m loving is seeing them smile at each other, hearing them giggle together and watching them interact.  There is nothing else quite like it!  Last night for a brief time while I was making dinner (when usually that’s the witching hour) I could hear ALL THREE kids laughing and chatting and having a great time together in the living room!  It was such a beautiful sound.  Of course it was followed by someone bumping into something and crying, and Andrew getting annoyed with his sisters and grumping, but I enjoyed it in that particular moment!

Yesterday Margaret grabbed an empty milk bottle and went to throw it but unfortunately Emily was in its immediate path and she ended up getting bashed in the back of her head with it pretty hard.  She started crying and Margaret gave me a look like, ‘Uh oh’ (another favourite word for both girls!) and then leaned forward and patted Emily’s head and then gave her a kiss where she’d been hit!  I mean, seriously, how freaking cute is that?!  It just melts my heart.  Having twins can be so challenging at times, I remember times several months ago, for example, where I would seriously start to wonder – for real - how on earth I was going to make it as a mother of multiples, because it’s just so exhausting and, at times, hard.  But when you think about the double amount of love you get, that whole extra beautiful person, that extra unique personality, and you start witnessing them play with and care for each other – it’s truly amazing, there really are no words.


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