Christmas is in 9 days!

Eight years ago today James proposed to me.  It’s so hard to believe that was 8 years ago!  Time just keeps flying by faster, especially now that we have kids.  Andrew will be 5 on New Year’s Eve and I have to admit I feel a bit teary about it.  He’s my eldest, but he’s still my baby boy.  I will always think of him as my baby boy!  How can he be 5, and then starting school next September…I am SO not ready for that, for multiple reasons. 

We’re really geared up for the holidays in our house.  Lots of presents still to wrap but it’s getting there, with quite a few under the tree already.  The tree that is sectioned off with several baby fencing panels, which might take away from the look of it but it’s the most practical way this year.  I actually don’t know what I’d do without our Superyards, of which we have several!  It’ll be awesome when we’re done with them – it will make the room look so much bigger and put together – but right now they are my best friend!

Yesterday we went to my brother and sil’s for our annual cookie decorating get together.  We did it last year and this year so it’s now officially a tradition!  Last year there was a bit of a debacle with the gingerbread (too much molasses, and also they crumbled in the bag on the way home LOL).  This year my brother made sugar cookies, but didn’t realize they had to chill for 2 hrs before cutting, and then when he went to roll it out it was too hard from being in the fridge for so long!  It was an experience though, and the end result was/is DELICIOUS.  I like gingerbread but sugar cookies are extra yummy.  While we were there, Andrew had a lot of fun playing outside with Gertrude (one of his bulldog cousins) and Margaret and Emily did really well roaming around and not getting into too much mischief (though we did bring 3 panels to fence off the Christmas tree!!)

 Today James’ dad and partner came over for the day from Victoria so we could have a little Christmas celebration, as well as birthday since they both (and Andrew) have birthdays around the same time.   It was nice that they came to us since it’s such a process to schlep the kids to the island.  We went in September and while we had a good time, it cost a lot of money (ferry/hotel) and we were pretty tired when we got back, but of course didn’t have the luxury of any down time whatsoever. 

One thing I’m reeeally looking forward to this year is the amount of holiday time James is taking.  He has to use some vacation days, but the company he works for also gives them 2 days paid holiday at Xmas time.  He is off from 3pm Xmas Eve till Monday January 6th!  That’s 2 weeks, and the only time for years now that he’s ever had that much time off in a row is right after baby (or in this last case, babies) were born, which isn’t time off at all because it’s a whirlwind with new little ones.  I know he’s not totally seeing this time off as a vacation, either, because ultimately home life is a lot more strenuous (in most ways, at least) than going to a day job, but I’m hoping we can schedule some time together (if someone will babysit our kids for us…), and some separate ‘me time’ hours so we’re both somehow feeling at least SLIGHTLY rejuvenated by the end of the ‘break.’  I know it’s highly unlikely either of us will feel rested, but if we can accomplish some of the many things on our to do lists that normally we don’t even get the chance to think about, it will have been a success!


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