Hard to believe it'll be Xmas Eve in one month!

I HATE that I am such a blog slacker these days.  I used to be so good at regular blogging…and then I had twins!!  It sucks because I want to be recording everything about them and I keep thinking about all the things I want to write about them but then it all escapes me before I get the chance to write.

Anyway...I'm a broken record on that, I know.

It’s just about one month till Christmas and OH MY GAWD IT’S JUST ABOUT ONE MONTH TILL CHRISTMAS!  ONE MONTH!!!  TILL CHRISTMAS!!!!!  I am so not ready, and yet on the other hand I’m really excited about it.  I’ve actually got almost everything I want to get for the kids.  I decided to shop early for their stuff so there wouldn’t be any need for going-to-the-mall-in-crazy-last-minute-shopper-mode.  I just can’t handle the way malls are ALREADY, let alone even closer to Christmas.  It actually sickens me.  Yes, I partook in the 'horribleness' of consumerism and bought toys and gifts for my kids, but I did a lot of it online, or planned out exactly what I wanted and went to the store and got those specific items.  It’s just when I go to stores like Toys R Us and people are going around snapping things up in an insane fashion, or cut other people off to get to the toys they want, it just sickens me to be a witness to.  It’s everything that’s wrong with the world, really, but I won’t get into it TOO much because despite feeling that way, I’m a total hypocrite because I bought right into it by still buying stuff, didn’t I?!  I just know how happy Andrew will be when he gets the things we got him, and I know how adorable the babies will be playing with the few things we got for them (not so much for the babies since they will just be interested in whatever’s going on this year, since they won’t ‘really’ understand what’s happening!)  I think of how excited I would get on Christmas Eve and how I was Christmas morning as a kid and I have to be honest, I love being able to enjoy that through Andrew (and the girls) now. 

It’s so hard to believe a year has gone by since last Xmas time!  It feels like it was just yesterday.  I’m happy to have shopped early though, and even got our yearly ‘Year in Andrew’s Life’ (and now the girls’ too!) photobook done and even printed already (I got in on an AMAZING deal this year!) and like I said, have pretty much got shopping for the kids done.  Just James and our parents left to shop for, really, so I should be more relaxed once the holiday season is in full swing!

One thing I’m REALLY excited about is that we’re going to put up our outdoor Xmas lights tomorrow.  We aren’t putting up much, but it will be our very first outdoor lights EVER so I can’t help but be excited about it!  James wants to wait till December 1st to do any decorating, but I want to do it a bit sooner because I take everything down very shortly after Xmas so we’re no longer decorated by Andrew’s birthday on the 31st.  I think a month of being decorated is good, so I’m starting tomorrow and he can’t stop me!!  It might be a little tacky once our tree is up and has to be encased by anti-baby fencing, but it will still be festive nonetheless ;P


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