Sunday, November 24, 2013

Hard to believe it'll be Xmas Eve in one month!

I HATE that I am such a blog slacker these days.  I used to be so good at regular blogging…and then I had twins!!  It sucks because I want to be recording everything about them and I keep thinking about all the things I want to write about them but then it all escapes me before I get the chance to write.

Anyway...I'm a broken record on that, I know.

It’s just about one month till Christmas and OH MY GAWD IT’S JUST ABOUT ONE MONTH TILL CHRISTMAS!  ONE MONTH!!!  TILL CHRISTMAS!!!!!  I am so not ready, and yet on the other hand I’m really excited about it.  I’ve actually got almost everything I want to get for the kids.  I decided to shop early for their stuff so there wouldn’t be any need for going-to-the-mall-in-crazy-last-minute-shopper-mode.  I just can’t handle the way malls are ALREADY, let alone even closer to Christmas.  It actually sickens me.  Yes, I partook in the 'horribleness' of consumerism and bought toys and gifts for my kids, but I did a lot of it online, or planned out exactly what I wanted and went to the store and got those specific items.  It’s just when I go to stores like Toys R Us and people are going around snapping things up in an insane fashion, or cut other people off to get to the toys they want, it just sickens me to be a witness to.  It’s everything that’s wrong with the world, really, but I won’t get into it TOO much because despite feeling that way, I’m a total hypocrite because I bought right into it by still buying stuff, didn’t I?!  I just know how happy Andrew will be when he gets the things we got him, and I know how adorable the babies will be playing with the few things we got for them (not so much for the babies since they will just be interested in whatever’s going on this year, since they won’t ‘really’ understand what’s happening!)  I think of how excited I would get on Christmas Eve and how I was Christmas morning as a kid and I have to be honest, I love being able to enjoy that through Andrew (and the girls) now. 

It’s so hard to believe a year has gone by since last Xmas time!  It feels like it was just yesterday.  I’m happy to have shopped early though, and even got our yearly ‘Year in Andrew’s Life’ (and now the girls’ too!) photobook done and even printed already (I got in on an AMAZING deal this year!) and like I said, have pretty much got shopping for the kids done.  Just James and our parents left to shop for, really, so I should be more relaxed once the holiday season is in full swing!

One thing I’m REALLY excited about is that we’re going to put up our outdoor Xmas lights tomorrow.  We aren’t putting up much, but it will be our very first outdoor lights EVER so I can’t help but be excited about it!  James wants to wait till December 1st to do any decorating, but I want to do it a bit sooner because I take everything down very shortly after Xmas so we’re no longer decorated by Andrew’s birthday on the 31st.  I think a month of being decorated is good, so I’m starting tomorrow and he can’t stop me!!  It might be a little tacky once our tree is up and has to be encased by anti-baby fencing, but it will still be festive nonetheless ;P

My mom's new knee

My mom had knee replacement surgery yesterday.  It has been a whirlwind getting here, and I’m feeling emotional as well as emotionally DRAINED at the moment.  She was in absolute agony for the better part of a year and it felt like her surgery date was never going to arrive.  It finally did, and now she’s on the road to recovery.  It’s going to be slow going, as knee replacements take a while to heal, and unfortunately she’s most likely going to need the other knee done in the not too distant future.  But it’s a good thing that she’s started the process of healing.  I just hate that she’s having to go through it at all.

Yesterday was one of the most stressful days I can ever remember having.  I got myself so worked up about her surgery and couldn’t focus on anything whatsoever after my dad and I left as she was about to be wheeled to the OR.  I wanted to just stay at the hospital and wait for the surgeon to tell me it was done, but my dad convinced me that we should go home for a while and head back once we got the OK from the nurse’s station.  I’m glad I finally agreed, as we left the hospital around 10am and didn’t get to see my mom till 7pm!  Crazy.  I was an absolute ball of stress the entire day, waiting.  I hate the way it made me feel!  The surgeon did call me in the early afternoon to let me know that everything had gone perfectly, which helped ease my mind somewhat, but I was just so anxious to go visit my mom.

Anyway…it’s going to be a bit of a crazy time the next little while, because I want to help my mom as much as I possibly can.  Which will be challenging, since I can’t take the kids with me when I go to her place, since we can’t risk them going anywhere near her knee, which they obviously would.  I’ll have to have someone helping me with the kids whenever I go to help her, so it’s complicated…And stressing me out.  I want to be able to be more helpful than I’ll probably end up being able to be, but I’m going to do everything I can to be there as much as possible.

I’m soooo tired though, more than usual.  This knee replacement has exhausted me, and it wasn’t even my knee! Lol

Sometimes I wish life could just slow down a bit…My life isn’t even fast-paced, it would probably appear to be snail paced to outsiders looking in, but to me it feels like I don’t have time to stop and just think, or, heaven forbid, just sleep

Saturday, November 09, 2013

I'm so far behind...

I need to blog about the babies' 1st birthday party!  Almost a month has passed already, omg.

I need to blog about James and my first night away together since I was 13 weeks pregnant with the girls.  (We went to Harrison Hot Springs last weekend!)

I need to blog about daily life the way I used to because I KNOW I am going to forget everything otherwise!

I need to blog about so many things.

But right now it's 1am and sleep wins...

Kid catch up...

Andrew is really into watching toy reviews on Youtube.  One of his favourites is Mike Mozart’s channel, but ultimately any toy reviews will do.  There are definitely some down sides to letting him watch this kind of stuff…One being that he is so interested in toys now, more than he ever was before, and he knows exactly what he wants!!  Not only is this a ‘problem’ in the consumerist sense, but because a lot of reviews are done on toys that are no longer sold in stores, even if I wanted to indulge the consumerism it wouldn't be possible!  If only I’d kept all my childhood toys!!  Andrew would have had a field day going through them all.

I thought it was totally mindless crap I was letting him watch (although in my defense it’s not like I let him watch toy reviews all the time!  Most of the shows he watches are on educational kids channels) but it turns out he’s learning from them!  He looks at toys and analyzes them, talks about their ‘articulation’ (which gets me every time…it just sounds so funny coming from a 4 year old, but he seriously knows what he’s saying!)  The other day I was taking pictures of some of his toys and I was having trouble getting the camera to focus in on what I was taking a picture of.  Andrew came over and put his hand behind the toy and said, ‘There, now you can take it.’  He had learned from the toy reviews that if the camera isn’t focusing properly, putting your hand behind the object will help bring it into focus.  I thought that was quite clever.

As of yesterday, Andrew is sporting a Mohawk!  I was desperate to cut his hair because it was starting to grow into the weird helmet shape his hair takes on as it gets longer.  His hair seriously has a mind of its own!  When I was cutting his hair (#2 on the razor all over), I decided for fun I’d leave behind a Mohawk and see how it looked.  It was meant to stay on for a minute and then I’d lop it off, but it turned out he loved it and I thought it looked pretty cute too!  So he’s sporting it for the time being.  He worries about it though…I got up this morning and the first thing he did was point to his head and ask if his Mohawk was still there and did it look OK.  LOL  I’ve never been keen, in all honesty, on little kid or baby mohawks, but I can’t help but think it’s looking cute on Andrew right now!  It’s not an obnoxious one, I did my best to make it cute and not annoying!!

Andrew’s favourite game right now is Sorry!  He LOVES THAT GAME.  He’s also really good at it.  I know a lot of it is just luck of the draw, but in terms of the strategy aspect, he really knows how to play the game.  We don’t play it every day but some days when the girls go for their nap, we will have a couple of rounds of Sorry! over a cup of tea/hot chocolate/milk/whatever.  That or reading books or doing a craft – it’s our mother/son time, which feels so rare these days so we have to take it when we can. 

As for the girls…As of 3 days ago, both are weighing 21.6lbs.  Exactly the same to the ounce!  Which is crazy to me because Emily definitely feels heavier.  When you pick Margaret up, she just sort of sinks into you and feels sort of wafe-like.  Whereas Emily feels very sturdy.  It has basically always been that way, and yet the most weight difference there has ever been between them was 4 ounces at birth (with Emily being the heavier one!)  I just find it shocking they are the same weight.  I don’t know their height but it has got to be basically identical, too, because their pants fit to the same length and they look to be the same height when they stand together.

They are just too cute for words.   Both have lots of teeth, I think Margaret has 9 and Emily has 12.  Margaret has one of her molars and one is just about to come through, Emily has 3 molars already!  Crazy.  They pretty much eat anything and everything.  They’ve been completely off formula for probably 3 weeks now.  They drink regular milk at nap time and night time and otherwise it’s water or water with a little bit of juice added, and food food FOOD, they LOVE their food!  There really isn’t anything I can think of that I’ve given them that they don’t like.  Some things they of course choose over other things, and some things they’ll only eat a few bites of, but they’re really not that picky about their food. 

Emily says Hi now (she has for a few weeks) but says it as if she has a southern drawl, it’s kind of funny!  She also loves to wave as she says it and often will wave both hands at once.  It’s ADORABLE when James gets home from work – as soon as the girls hear the key in the lock, they started saying, ‘Hi!’  Margaret says it over and over, generally until she hears you say it back and then a few times again after that!  Margaret has been saying, ‘Uh oh’ for maybe 2 weeks.  Emily started saying it yesterday and now she’s enjoying saying it, and what I love is that she says it in appropriate situations.  Margaret does too but she also says it seemingly ‘just because’ she wants to say something!  Whereas Emily…for example, today she was holding a straw (which maybe she shouldn’t have been but whatever, I was monitoring her) and she dropped it and couldn’t reach down to get it so she said, ‘Uh oh!’ which made me reach down and get it for her and I could tell she was pretty pleased with herself when I handed the straw back to her!

Emily jabbers in gibberish and it is SO cute to listen to!  Especially on her toy phone, or if I hold the phone out to her when I’m talking to my mom, she starts talking in complete (gibberish) sentences with a cute little smile on her face.  I love it!  I love how both girls will hold the phone up to their ear and say, ‘Hi!’  Margaret has a few words in her vocabulary now.  She also tries to say new words more and more lately.  Yesterday I suggested it be nap time and she went over to the gate by the stairs and started saying, ‘Na, na!’ which I took as her way of saying ‘nap.’  She will also try to mimic words that she doesn’t tend to say/hear often.  For example, she held up an empty plastic bowl after she and Emily had eaten all the grapes from it, and I said, 'You’ve got the bowl!’ and she looked at it and said, ‘Bo.’

One of the cutest things is watching them dance.  We use youtube a lot for watching music videos (their current fave is to watch ‘Just Dance’ videos, their absolute fave being That’s What Makes You Beautiful by One Direction!  LOL  Which btw I had never heard of before we started watching those videos, but they’re loving it, and so is Andrew!)  As soon as the girls see youtube load on the TV, they will both start bobbing up and down saying, ‘Da, da!’ which means, ‘Dance, dance!’ because they’re anticipating music.  They love everything from One Direction to Macklemore to Serena Ryder to Psy…The past few days Emily has particularly enjoyed Ricky Martin’s Livin’ La Vida Loca!  LOL

The girls have started playing together, which is SO SWEET to watch.  As newborns they were close in the sense that they preferred sleeping right next to each other, and often their poses looked to be how they would have been scrunched up together in the womb.  They didn’t acknowledge each other beyond wanting to be cuddled close.  Then they went through a phase where they didn’t have to co-sleep (not that they wouldn’t, just that they didn’t seem to care either way) and while I still noticed a bond between them, it’s not like they were really interacting.  But now they do, not always a ton but it’s becoming more and more.  This week they took to the little blue toy wagon from Ikea that was Andrew’s when he was their age, and they take turns pushing each other around in it.  It’s SO CUTE, they will smile at each other and giggle and Emily in particular LOVES being the one to push the cart while Margaret rides along!  I got a really cute video of Emily pushing Margaret, and Margaret is pointing at stuff going, ‘Ooooh!’ and then Emily crashes the cart into something and Margaret goes, ‘Uh oh!’  Too cute.  It’s still not ‘easy’ having twins (as if it ever will be!) but it’s proving to be more rewarding as I see the built in play mate they each have.  It’s just so sweet to see them make each other laugh and smile, and they trample each other sometimes but they’re so used to that closeness that it doesn’t bother them!

So much more I could update on…I hate that I am rarely blogging these days, but I just don’t have much time.  I want to change that though…I’m working on getting more organized…!!!  One day it will happen...