Pumpkins scream in the dead of night

Tonight (the night before Halloween) we started what I hope will be a new Halloween tradition.  We drove around looking for lights and decorations, just like we do around Christmas.  Andrew LOVES Halloween, in fact it just might be his absolute favourite day of the entire year.  Spooky things are his fave, what can I say, he takes after his mom =)

We were nervous about taking the babies in the car so late, but it worked out.  Rarely do I go out anywhere past 4pm because if I do, the girls will nap in the van and then at their regular bed time they’re wired and don’t want to sleep.  We didn’t leave the house till 7pm, but we had them all ready in their sleepers and gave them some milk for the road, and they fell asleep fairly quickly while we drove.  When we got home we were able to transfer them straight to their cribs and they only woke enough to get another bottle and back to la la land they went! 

As for the neighbourhood lights and décor…I say I want this to be a tradition to go looking because it’s fun to see what’s out there, but I have to say we were all more than a tad disappointed by the complete lack of anything to ooh or aah at.  There were 2 places that were decorated really impressively, and the third best place in all honesty is our own house!  We don’t even have THAT many decorations out, but enough to make it pretty Halloween-y.  It really didn’t take that much to make it ‘festive’ for lack of a better term.  Yet almost no one has anything whatsoever.  It would be so cool if more people got into the Halloween spirit.  Next year we are totally adding some lights to our décor, but for this year our giant skeleton, gravestones, rats, skulls and bones, bat, witches, devil and MORE will have to do!  I have to admit, I'm with Andrew - I kind of love this day too =)

Oh and I can't forget our pumpkins!  We bought 6 of them when we went to Apple Barn a few weeks ago to the pumpkin patch.  All of the carvings we did yesterday and today were Andrew's visions, and include a Daddy pumpkin, a Mommy/Mummy pumpkin, an Andrew pumpkin, a Margaret pumpkin, an Emily pumpkin, and a Fifi pumpkin!  The whole family =)

Happy Halloween!


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