Pumpkins galore!

On Saturday we piled the kids into the van and drove out to Apple Barn in Abbotsford to go to the pumpkin patch.  I had never been to a pumpkin patch before, but it’s something I’ve always wanted to do.  I think we’re going to make a family tradition and go every year. 

We brought jackets in case it was chilly and we needed to bundle up, but it turned out to be a fairly warm day, which seems crazy for this time of year.  I hope it stays that mild for Halloween (and isn’t a torrential downpour like last year!)

Apple Barn is really geared to kids, and beyond just the pumpkin patch (and apple picking, obviously, given the name!), there was also a corn maze, bouncy castle, a cool bouncy ‘pillow’ thing, a petting zoo, hay rides, and the list goes on.  We didn’t partake in absolutely everything they had to offer, but just about.  We got 6 pumpkins – one for each of us (the green one is for Fifi!) and we actually picked them all out directly from the pumpkin patch and had to tear some of them from the stems.  It was neat to feel that connected to what we were doing, since I’m used to going to Safeway and picking a pumpkin off the top of the pile!  I got some fun pictures of the kids enjoying the pumpkins, although I’d have liked to have got more, but the babies started eating (or attempting to eat) anything and everything from the ground.  After I caught Emily eating a handful of dirt but couldn’t do anything about it because I was holding Margaret, and James was off putting our pumpkins in a wheelbarrow and Andrew was running around saying we just HAD to THIS pumpkin and THAT pumpkin and they all looked like they weighed 100lbs, I said it was time to go!!  It was a lot of fun but I think in some ways it will be more fun in the future when the babies aren’t quite as into eating things from the ground!

It felt like a great way to kick off October, and has us all excited for Halloween (well, me and Andrew, at least!)  
Hard to believe that in a week the ‘babies’ will be one year old…A lot of reminiscing happening here at the moment.
Happy October!


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