September 9th post...

I wrote this on September 9th, in reference mainly to Saturday the 7th.  I meant to finish it before posting but so much time has gone by now that I'll just post as is.  It's just for my records since it felt like a bit of a milestone weekend for Emily.  On that weekend I ended up getting a cold, which turned into a flu complete with fever and chills, then another cold before I got rid of the first one which I didn't even know was possible!  I also had 2 3 day migraines within one week.  It was a bit of a rough time, and barely having any help w/ the kids other than on the weekend was really, really rough.  James started a new job 2 wks ago so he can't be taking time off.  It was a bit of a time!!  I feel so much better now, just my 'usual' exhausted now, but for a couple of days I felt a spring in my step because it just felt so good not to feel so sick or headachey anymore!

Anyway, here is the Sept 9 post:

On Saturday my grandma came over from the island to visit for the weekend.  She hasn't seen the kids for about 3 months so she noticed a huge difference in the babies!  Emily really took off walking on Saturday.  We were at my bro and sils for an early bday party for my mom.  They have a big open kitchen with an island and Emily took to walking around the island holding on, then she just took off walking on her own!  At one point I thought she was Margaret, and Margaret has been walking steadily for a few weeks now!  She started walking at 9.5 months (they will be 11 months in a few days, which is SO hard to believe...). Emily started walking a few steps probably almost 2 weeks ago but as of Saturday she's officially a walker!  She can't stand up yet in place so if she falls she crawls to something she can stand at, but she's on the go and loving it!   Her favourite thing to do is hold onto the arm of our office chair and circle around the chair.  I go over to her and say, I'm going to get you! And she squeaks and runs faster, it's the cutest thing!!


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