Music with Margaret

Tonight after dinner I put 4 Square on so the babies would be occupied for a few.  The first segment came on with the Do-Wa’s, and they sang, ‘Dig, dig, dig, dig, dawdling Dan!’ and then said, ‘Your turn’ (it was time for the 4 Tones to copy them).  (If you don’t know 4 Square, don’t worry about it!)  Immediately, Margaret threw up one of her hands and said, ‘Dih, dih, daaa!’, twirled around in a circle, fell down on her bum and just grinned!  I was totally amazed!  There’s no way it was a coincidence, she really was attempting to repeat the song the best she knew how!

Given her attempts the other day to repeat the word ‘dance’ several times during Macklemore’s And We Danced (it came out more like ‘dah’ but I knew what she was trying to say since she said it at the right time!), I’d have to say that girl knows her music.  Pretty darn good for 11 months old!


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