Long overdue kids update...

I feel so far behind in writing that it’s starting to stress me out.  Gone are the days when I was able to squeeze some writing in almost every day.  There’s just so much I want to remember about the kids’ lives…

Like how Emily has really taken off walking, and she has a winning smile when she walks lots of steps right into my arms.  Today I threw a ball and she went and fetched it for me (yes, much like a dog, but hey, they’re 11 months old, give them a break!  Lol) and when she brought it to me she had the biggest grin, put it in my hand and then threw herself into my lap.  I gave her a big hug and said, ‘Yaaay, Emily, you did it, what a good girl!’ and she actually squealed she was so pleased with herself!  I love those moments.  She has actually been fairly cuddly at times the past few days, which says a lot because she usually isn’t the cuddliest baby, which is a shame because she’s SO cuddly in terms of her chubbiness and sometimes I want to cuddle with her but she won’t have it.  She likes her space!  It works out though, I guess, because Margaret is quite a cuddle bug and requires more cuddles than her sister.  If they were both super needy I don’t know how I’d manage, so it works that one’s a little needier than the other.

Margaret walks like a champ now, like she’s always been doing it.  Although I must say for how much later she started, Emily has really caught up, and is now able to stand up from wherever she is, she doesn’t need any help from furniture like when she first started out.  They look absolutely adorable when they’re walking!  Both of them (Emily more so but Margaret, too!) still LOVE holding onto the office chair and walking in circles, and particularly enjoy when I play the game with them of ‘I’m going to get you!’  I tickle them as they walk past me and they giggle in anticipation when they get close to me, and Emily squeals as she races past!

Emily has a molar already, which seems crazy early to me.  She has 4 teeth on top, her four front ones, and one molar on the bottom right.  Margaret has her four top teeth and 3 on the bottom front.  They both seem to have very straight, beautiful teeth – for what they have so far.  I love their toothy grins!

Margaret loves to say, ‘Up!’, ‘Momma’, ‘Dada’, ‘Papa’, and has started to say ‘Ta’ which is what we say when we want them to give us something or we give them something.  She loves to try to share food so she will try to pass me some little piece of slobbered on food and say, ‘Ta!’ and I have to kindly decline.  Margaret also points at EVERYTHING and will point to get a snack she wants, or just in wondering what something is that isn’t usually there.  Basically she is constantly pointing at anything and everything! 

 Emily says, ‘Momma’ and ‘Dada’ and maybe has said ‘Papa’ too.  The past couple of days she says, ‘Yeah!’ and I asked her this morning if she wanted something and she replied, ‘Yeah!’ several times!  LOL  I kind of think it was a fluke but I can’t help but wonder because she used it properly!  She also said, ‘No no no no no!’ several times today.  Andrew was sitting have some lunch and they were in their highchairs.  He said to them, ‘Do you NOT like macaroni and cheese?’  And Emily said, ‘No, no, no, no, nooooo!’  Andrew thought it was hysterical.  He loves to make his sisters laugh, and they continue to look at him like he is some sort of God that can do no wrong!  Emily is starting to point a bit too and loves to clap and sometimes wave.  The other day I said, ‘Do you want to go upstairs and have a nap in your cribs?’  And Emily looked toward the stairs, Margaret pointed at them, and we made our way up.  I thought it was amazing that they showed they knew exactly what I was talking about.  (They usually nap downstairs just wherever they happen to fall asleep so it’s not like it’s their usual routine to head upstairs, although of course they have their bed time routine that they’re used to, and I must say are doing very well with!  Not sleeping straight through the night, but at least going to bed by about 8:30 most nights).

The girls are loving eating solids.  I can’t believe they will be ONE in less than a month and will be able to be weaned off formula for good.  I’m going to wait till they are a year to actually start weaning them, because I do think it’s good they’re guaranteed the right nutrients while they’re on it.  But they sure know how to eat!  We did a huge grocery shop today (we being me and the kids – I wear Margaret, Emily sits in the cart, and Andrew either walks or hitches a ride at the end of the cart.  It’s a gong show and totally exhausting…But that’s another story!  I wanted to get lots of groceries so I can put together lots of healthy meals and snacks because I swear these babies can’t get enough.  Andrew is in a fairly picky stage with what he’ll eat so it seems to me that the girls actually eat more than he does!

They love everything from scrambled eggs and toast, to peanut butter and jam sandwiches, to all types of cooked veggies, pretty much all fruits, berries (Emily in particular LOVES berries and fruit…yesterday Margaret wasn’t having any of it so instead of throwing hers all over the floor like she normally would when she’s had enough, she threw all of her food onto Emily’s tray, and Emily ate it…I swear these girls are SO entertaining…and their brother too, for that matter!)  They love hummus, pickled asparagus (like Andrew did as a baby!), Goldfish cheese crackers, yogurt, freeze dried yogurt bites (kinda weird, but they’re in the baby section at the grocery store!), granola bars, spaghetti, spinach and cheese ravioli, well let’s face it, they love food of all varieties!

Both girls love to have baths.  A few days ago Andrew took to washing them in the sink and he loves it as much as they do!  Margaret likes it but Emily LOVES it.  Same with being in the big tub upstairs.  Margaret likes bath time too, but Emily absolutely LOVES it and splashed her legs around, it’s so funny.  With the weather not being as great I started bringing the kids upstairs each day once or twice for upstairs play time/a change of scenery from the living room, and as soon as the girls climb their way up the stairs, they try to make a mad dash for the bathroom.  If I’m planning on giving them a tub I let them go in and then quickly get them undressed and the tubby set up.  We have a deep soaker tub and there’s a fairly tall step to get into it.  The babies clamour to get into the tub and I’m so worried they/one of them at least (cough, cough, EMILY) will fall in, or fall off the step backwards – neither of which would be a good scenario.  It’s likely only a matter of time as it’s so hard with two of them to make sure neither is getting into the tub too fast.  But so far I’ve managed to keep everyone safe! 

The babies love to climb onto Andrew’s bed, and Andrew loves to play in their cribs.  LOL  His newest ‘game’ is having me put the baby blankets over the side of the crib, how I usually place them during the day, and then he throws them off and I make it seem like I’m exasperated that he’s done that and say, ‘OK, I’m making the beds now, let’s keep them tidy!’ and then he does it again.  Why oh why do we keep buying that kid toys when a game like that would make him happy for hours?! …!!!

Andrew is up to his usual antics.  We were planning on enrolling him in karate but it didn’t work out because the place we were going to has a really stupid set up where I would have to stand outside with the babies while he’d be in the class.  So for roughly 40 minutes once a week, I’d be standing outside with the babies, rain or shine.  Shine I can handle, but rain?!  That’s ridiculous!  It just doesn’t make any sense.  It’s also really expensive – they said it was a ‘special offer’ $50 for a month, but ‘a month’ is 4 half hour sessions!  Crazy.  Andrew was excited about it and we probably would have done it if the set up made more sense, but I’ve enrolled him in something else that starts this week so he’s happy, and I think it will make more sense for all of us.

Andrew’s latest obsession is watching toy reviews on youtube.  He LOVES it.  He could probably spend the entire day doing that.  He doesn’t, but he would love to!  There are some funny toy reviews out there for play dough and various action figures – who knew?!  Something I would have never thought to look up.  He also likes a show called Wubbzy on youtube, and is still very much into music and music videos.  We really like Macklemore but we’re getting to a point where we don’t think it’s appropriate for him to watch the videos.  We cut off Thrift Shop ages ago of course because of all the f-bombs, although there’s a g-rated version he’s seen a few times.  We like the song And We Danced but it’s really inappropriate for a child who could be picking up on things he shouldn’t.  It sucks though because those music videos are seriously sometimes the ONLY thing that will keep the babies occupied for a little while.  The Treehouse show 4Square works too, but I can only take so much of it myself!!  I only use stuff like that if I need to make a phone call that can’t wait till James is home, or if I’m desperate when I need to make a meal and they won’t just play without crying at the gate.

Andrew is REALLY excited about Halloween coming up.  I have to keep reminding him that despite all the ‘Halloweeny’ stuff in the stores, it’s not actually for another 6 weeks just about!  But I’m excited about it too, truth be told.  This is the first time I can decorate outside since I was a little kid.  My dad used to come up with some cool and creative characters for the yard and now I get to enjoy doing that with my kids.  Well, Andrew, since the babies won’t really understand it this year.  Although I think they already have an affinity for Halloween, truthfully.  I had decorated our mantle last year for Halloween at the beginning of October and then they were born on the 14th…In our old place we had their change table set up right beside the fireplace in the living room so instead of looking up at a mobile or something babyish, they looked up at a creepy skeleton witch!  LOL!!  So I’m hoping they’ll get into Halloween as much as Andrew has.  I love it.  We’re not going overboard or anything but each year I want us to collect a few new decorations for the occasion so we can make the front yard look spooky, and also a little bit in our living room.  We bought a life sized skeleton from Costco at the beginning of the month and that kind of got our excitement for the holiday started early!

I can’t believe it’s September already though, and not just September but MID September.  Why does time go by so freaking fast?!  It’s crazy.  I feel like the summer whizzed by far too quickly.  We did almost everything from our summer bucket list of activities, so I’m happy with what we did, although I wish we’d been able to get to a few more of the places we’d hoped to.  It’s hard when we don’t have help because some places with curious little twins + Andrew and just James and I = totally gong show/exhaustion for us!  Like the beach, for example…2 babies, opposite directions, and sand…it can turn into a bad situation fast.  LOL  I loved how sunny and hot July was, but I feel like it was so nice so early in the summer this year, and maybe I prefer a slightly later start to the summer so it lasts longer into September, staving off fall and winter just that little bit longer…


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