I can't believe my girls are almost ONE...

This morning I was folding laundry from a big pile on the living room floor.  I kept reaching down for something, folded it, then stacked it on the change table (the only place out of reach enough of the babies…I’m not particularly fond of folding a big stack of clothes only to have them reached up for, grabbed, and tossed back into a heap on the floor…cough cough MARGARET!!)  After a few items, Margaret started doing what I remember Andrew loving to do around the same age.  She started picking up an item and passing it to me.  I would say, ‘Thank you!’ like she was being SO helpful and she would grin and pick up another item and pass it to me.   Emily watched this, and it wasn’t long before she was handing me a sock and gave the biggest grin in the entire world when I thanked her for it.  SO CUTE!!  And as it turned out, it actually WAS somewhat helpful having them hand me stuff!  Mostly I just loved seeing their huge smiles and knowing how happy it was making them to help me.

My babies will be ONE in just over 2 weeks.  TWO WEEKS!!  I still don’t know how that happened so fast.  I’m feeling really sentimental about it at the moment.  Birthday party invites were mailed out today so there’s no turning back!  They’re having a cupcake themed party and I’m so excited about it, although I still have some planning to do.

Both girls have started grooving to music.  They love everything from Serena Ryder to Michael Jackson to Macklemore to pretty much whatever’s playing!  Especially music with a good beat of course…I just got the new Matthew Good album today, for example…not sure how much they’ll groove to it (though I personally am enjoying it…not dancing to it LOL but it’s classic MG and I love it!)

Anyway…the babies are walking really well and are totally on par with each other now, it doesn’t show that Margaret has been a walker for longer than her sister.  Emily loves to race around and actually in the past several days I’ve rarely noticed her crawling at all, she just wants to walk (or attempt to run!) everywhere.  They both love playing with their Laugh and Learn house (especially standing on parts of it to make themselves feel taller!), Emily in particular loves to climb, they still circle around the office chair like it’s the most fun thing ever, and I continue to egg them on by saying, ‘I’m going to get you!’  I can say that any time and Emily especially will squeal and scramble to get away from me (but look over her shoulder with a big grin).  Margaret has fun with that game too.  She points at everything constantly…I got a few little picture shelves for over our desk from Ikea the other night and James installed them and I set them up.  The next day she couldn’t stop pointing at them all day and would do a little grunt as if to ask, ‘What are those?!’ 

Both babies are on a decent nap and bedtime schedule, though their naps are completely thrown off if we have an outing.  If we stay home for the day, they consistently seem to want to nap sometime around noon or just after, and Margaret usually sleeps for under an hour, while Emily will sleep for longer.  Today was exceptional – Margaret slept for about 15-20 minutes, Emily slept for FOUR HOURS!!!  I actually went in several times after a few hours because I was worried as to why she wasn’t getting up, but she was just snoozing the super rainy day away, just as I probably would have done too under different circumstances!

Yesterday Margaret found a headband on the floor and actually put it on herself and walked around with a big smile.  Today it was Andrew’s skeleton mask from last Halloween.  LOL  Emily still loves to put blankets over her head and play an impromptu game of Peek-a-boo, or as we generally just call it, ‘Boo!’  Often after a car ride we’ll get home and I’ll find that instead of having her blanket on her lap as I’d put it, it’s around her neck like a scarf.  I find it hilarious how she does that!

I bought them their first little pairs of shoes a few days ago!  They’re just little $12 shoes from Joe Fresh but they look SO CUTE on and they seem to enjoy wearing them.  They look absolutely adorable in anything and everything.  I have so much fun dressing them up.  Occasionally I do dress them differently, but for the most part I still dress them identical.  I’ve noticed there are a lot of people who think it’s adorable – which it is, I mean, what’s cuter than one baby in an adorable outfit?  TWO babies in the same adorable outfit, of course!!  However, I also find there are those people who seem to have a big problem with the fact that I dress them the same.  As if I am not allowing them to be individuals (ridiculous!  And obviously I fully anticipate them saying to me they want to dress differently one day, and that’s totally fine, but why not enjoy this time when I get to choose?!  And who’s to say they won’t ever want to dress alike in the future, some kids do!)  I don’t know why but it really irks some people, and I can only laugh at those people behind their backs.  It’s not their decision to make, and it makes me wonder what their issue is, because ultimately THEY are the ones with the problem! 

So glad it’s Saturday and we still have another weekend day to enjoy…


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