Lots of fun last weekend

Last weekend was awesome, I wish I’d had the time to write about it when it was all happening.  Saturday (July 27th) was James and my 6 year wedding anniversary.  (I agree with James that ‘6 years’ doesn’t sound all that impressive given we’ve actually been together for almost 15 years!  But it’s still hard to believe that 6 years have gone by since our wedding day).  My aunt and uncle were kind enough to offer to babysit so we could go out and have a date.  So we did!

We went to a restaurant on Hastings called Cotto that we’d been wanting to try for a long time.  It was REALLY good and we definitely plan on going back sometime.  The service was really great, too.  All around an excellent experience.  We were booked to go kayaking at Deer Lake at 5pm but had gone out several hours before that, so we had lots of time to just relax and chat and leisurely eat, which was so nice.  Such a luxury!  Then we headed off to Deer Lake. 

I had bought a groupon for the kayaking and had specifically bought one for a tandem kayak.  We’d tried it once before in False Creek and really enjoyed it.  While I did take a rowing class on my own a few years ago, 7 other people were in the boat with me! – I’ve never done a water sport where I’m on my own so I didn’t feel comfortable with the idea of going with single kayaks.  James persuaded me to upgrade the groupon to single kayaks and I really wasn’t happy about it until we got out on the water.  I was so nervous, but it ended up being the best decision.  We could still talk to each other, and actually easier because we could face each other.  It also just felt like an easier, smoother ride to be in a single.  I absolutely LOVED it, it felt amazing to be out on the water like that.  I don’t like to think about what’s under me when I’m in the water – I was the same when I did the rowing class.  Not being able to see what’s in the water but knowing there’s insane stuff in there just freaks me right out if I really think about it.  So I try not to when I’m out there!  But despite those feelings I absolutely LOVE being out on the water.  I plan on going kayaking again sometime this summer.

It was SO nice to have an afternoon date and feel like we actually got some good quality time together.  It’s so rare that we have that and we really needed it.  It also felt special with it being our anniversary, and I loved that we were doing something on the water because it felt like it went with our wedding theme of being on a yacht (even our honeymoon stuck with the water theme since we went on a cruise!)  We talked about our wedding day and how amazing it was, it really was magical to us, and we wouldn’t change anything about it if we could.

On Sunday we went downtown to the mil’s.  Her ex-husband was (is) visiting (yes, it’s complicated) from Halifax so we went to show off the babies and have a visit.  We went to a rhythm and blues outdoor concert near English Bay and had a picnic.  It was nice to be in our old neighbourhood for a summer afternoon.  It seems like so long ago that we lived in that area, but I love how familiar it still feels.  Then on Monday James took the day off and the mil and her ex (lol) came over and looked after the babies while we went to Playland with Andrew.  We would have taken the girls, but they would have just been stuck in their stroller in the hot sun and that didn’t seem like a very good idea.  Plus there were some rides I really wanted us to all be able to go on together, so it made sense to leave them at home.  It was also nice to just have that bonding time with Andrew, since it’s rare it’s just the 3 of us anymore.  I had a blast because last year when we went, I wasn’t able to go on any of the rides.  This time I could go on all of them!  We went on the little roller coaster, the new hot air balloon ride and the teacups, and Andrew and I went on one together that’s called The Scrambler.  It was quite the thrill!  I can’t imagine going on some of the crazier rides, but luckily Andrew won’t be tall enough for those for several more years, so I didn’t have to get suckered into anything too insane!!  I can’t wait to take the kids to Disneyland one day, but for now Playland will do.  It’s nothing in comparison, but I like how it’s a summer tradition.  Andrew loved going on lots of rides by himself, and it was cool to see him venturing onto rides that last year he wouldn’t have thought to do by himself, such as the Super Slide.  It was a really fun day.

It felt like we had a really jam-packed weekend, but for the most part filled with really fun activities that we’d been looking forward to, which is exactly what summer is all about!


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