Growing up so fast

Written on Friday August 2:

Thank goodness Emily is such a good sleeper.  Of our 3 kids, she is the only one who sleeps well!  Andrew definitely does better now and generally sleeps through the night just fine, but as a baby he was probably the worst sleeper EVER.  Margaret is showing signs of following in her big brother’s foot steps for not wanting/needing a whole lot of sleep.  There’s just too much to do!  Too much to see!  Sleep can wait!

Tonight ALL Margaret wanted to do was practice walking.  She really got the hang of their Fisher Price walker a few days ago, but got annoyed at having to have it turned around every time she hit into something and needed to start over in another direction.  Then yesterday, Andrew and I witnessed her take her very first unassisted step!  It was really cute, and we were applauding and praising her so much that all she wanted to do was recreate it.  Luckily I had my iPhone handy, so I got a video of her taking one step again!  She hasn’t mastered a second step in a row yet, but she’s very close.  Tonight I held her hands and helped her walk and it was literally all she wanted to do.  She grinned and made little noises like it was the funnest thing she had ever done.  She was strutting around like nobody’s business and got upset whenever I tried to put her down!

Emily can use the walker too, and she also likes to take a cardboard box or anything that will slide on the carpet and uses that as a walker.  But she’s not as eager to walk.  She’s definitely very steady on her feet when she’s standing, but she’s just more chill than her sister.  She loves to crawl and explore and is definitely into everything.  When we go out to the park she’s the one who takes off and wants to explore the world, whereas Margaret tends to be content to sit on a blanket or be cuddled and look around, maybe play with something she’s not supposed to, like the sunscreen bottle or something!  But she’s not as mischievous (yet!) when we’re outside.  So you just never know who’s going to be doing what!  Just when you think you’ve got them figured out, they throw you for a loop!!

Emily has caught up to her ‘older’ sister and now has 6 teeth, too.  I don’t know how much they weigh but Emily still definitely feels heavier, despite that I think they actually weigh very close to the same.  They are pretty much the same height (though I don’t know the numbers!)  Their hair is coming in and it seems to be a strawberry blond colour.  Andrew had that as a baby too, and then it went really blond till I got him his first buzz cut and it went the dirty blond colour it is now.  I wonder what the girls’ hair colours will be.  Or what they will look like when their hair grows longer, it is going to change them so much and make them look so grown up!  I don’t even want to think about it yet, they are growing up WAY too fast!!  I love witnessing it all and I love this stage despite how tiring it can be chasing after them, but they’re just growing too quickly!

They’re starting to climb like crazy and pull things off the desk and Margaret even figured out how to open 2 of our baby gates already, so it’s a busier time than ever keeping watch of 2 babies who love to roam in opposite directions!!  Look out world!!!!!

And then there’s Andrew…he’s so funny.  He loves to look at newspaper flyers, and in particular points out the meat in the grocery flyers to bug me (in a joking way – he’s a happy vegetarian, he just likes to be silly) and today as we were heading out he noticed the newspaper had been delivered to our door.  He went to bring it in and all the flyers fell out of it.  He saw them and said, ‘Oh, good, look Mommy, all my meat magazines are here!  Look at all these meat magazines they left for me!’  LOL!  You probably had to be there, but it was hilarious.  He is such a ham (pun intended!!)

I’ve really been trying to get Andrew doing more projects, and not just have him watching tv because it’s easier given how much is going on with the girls.  It can be hard sometimes, because a lot of projects he wants me to work on with him, and I want to be doing that, but the babies are wanting other things, so it’s a bit of a challenge.  I feel bad that a lot of times the things Andrew and I are doing together get cut short because the babies suddenly wake up from a nap, or one does, or they just aren’t sleeping at all, or whatever.  But most of the time Andrew is good about it.  He’s pretty used to it by now!  One of the really fun projects we did the other day was make some puffy paint shirts.  I found a couple of plain white t-shirts in a few sizes that would fit Andrew from Value Village for super cheap, and a package of puffy paints from Michael’s Craft Store that weren’t super cheap but were an OK price given that they seem to last a while.  We made 2 shirts so far and I think he did a great job with them.  He drew what he wanted to on the shirts (one has superheroes and bad guys and the other is a zombie face!) with washable felts and then I went over the felt lines with the puffy paints, and he told me what colour to use for each line.  In a few days I’ll wash the shirts and hopefully the felt won’t show through anymore, although even if it does it doesn’t matter.  It’s pretty cool that he made these shirts and actually wears them.  I remember a birthday party I went to when I was a kid where we made puffy paint shirts.  I made one with Garfield on it and I loved that shirt!  I really wish now that I had kept it, Andrew would think it was pretty darn cool!  I love doing fun projects like that with him.


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