Enjoying some yard time

We’ve barely used our backyard lately because the weather hasn’t been the greatest.   So when the sun came out today I decided we HAD to spend some time in the yard.  I was a complete zombie today due to lack of sleep, and it was a bit of a trying day over all, but I’m glad I got the kids playing out on the deck.  Or, should I say THE BABIES.  I just got them outside in their super yard and turned to tell Andrew to come out and I saw that he had fallen asleep on the couch!  I tried to entice him with getting to play with the new water gun that ‘Nanaimo Nana’ (my Nana) gave him when she was over last weekend, but he woke up only long enough to shake his head no and close his eyes again.
So it was just me and the babies, which was fun even without Big Brother.  Emily enjoyed practicing walking with the walker we scored for free a few weeks back, and then she caught sight of the beach ball and would hold it up in the air and squeal with delight – it was too cute!  Margaret spent most of her time either trying to steal the walker away from her sister (despite that she’s walking on her own and doesn’t need the walker!)  (It’s so cute, she really toddles now – she basically looks like a miniature drunk when she walks, but she’s taking more and more steps at a time and loves to walk every chance she gets!)  Margaret also enjoyed attempting to move the entire superyard as if she was going to push it till it fell off the deck, and picking up bits of leaves from the deck (I swept it before we went out but obviously missed a few things).  She’s getting better at giving stuff to me when I say, ‘Ta to Mommy!’ so for the most part she’d bring me whatever she was about to put in her mouth, but still…(It’s pretty cute, she knows she’s not allowed to have the TV remotes, well usually she would steal them and then grin wildly at me like oooh, look what I’ve got!  But now I say, ‘Ta to Mommy!’ and she passes it to me right away!)  Anyway, yes, Margaret was a tad on the mischievous side! 
Then they started to fuss, so I added the plastic Little Tykes play structure to their play area (I don’t keep it in there because they wreak havoc on it so I can’t just let them play without spotting them the entire time!) and they had an absolute field day playing on that.  Interestingly, since Margaret is the one who’s walking, Emily is the one who can climb right up the slide all by herself without even thinking about it.  Blink and she’s up at the top of the structure!  Whereas Margaret just sort of flounders at the bottom of it and gets upset and I had to keep lifting her up to the top of the slide.  They took turns going down the slide and LOVED it!  Emily especially, she is just so expressive with her voice when it comes to things she really enjoys.  She would squeal and then madly clamour to get up the slide again before Margaret even had a chance to go down it!  (So I use the term ‘took turns’ going down the slide loosely!!)

(As a side note, just because it’s something I want to document, yesterday Margaret started saying the word, ‘Up!’ and while sometimes she says it randomly, she also says it in the right context, so I am going to say that ‘Up’ is her first word!)

It was so nice to get some play time out in the yard today, I really hope the weather stays nice enough for a while that we can spend more time out there before the long months of looking out the window but not being able to go out start again.  I’m REALLY not looking forward to fall and winter, because I feel isolated enough with 3 small kids, the idea of it being extra complicated and often impossible to go out makes me want to cry.

So we’re doing what we can to make the most of what’s left of the summer!


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