Another summer bucket list outing!

 Today we went to the Saturday Farmer’s Market at Trout Lake.  I’d only been to Trout Lake once before, quite a few years ago now since it was before Andrew was born and I barely remembered it.  It wasn’t familiar at all.  The Lake itself is pretty small, but I got a really good vibe from the area and kind of fell in love with the park for some reason!  It wasn’t necessarily anything over the top special, I just liked it.  And the market itself was great.  We generally go to the Burnaby one but it’s so small compared to this one.  We saw 2 vendors there that we used to see nearly every week when we lived downtown and frequented the Saturday market on Nelson Street.  It was nice to see them again and show off our new additions!  They were pretty surprised to see we’d added 2 more to our family.  I like those little connections to the people we’re buying food from, it makes me happy to go to those markets

After the market we took the kids over to the playground and Andrew had lots of fun climbing.  The girls enjoyed some swing time, and then we set them up on the picnic blanket for a snack.  They enjoyed their snacks (they are always eating it seems!) but they were more curious about the grass, and finding things in the grass to put into their mouths…such as small sticks, big sticks, cigarette butts…Umm, yeah, SUPER GROSS, luckily we were watching them like hawks but still.  So unrelaxing for us!  We want them to be able to explore but you just can’t trust them not to attempt to eat everything in sight.

It was a fun outing though, and I’m happy to be able to cross ‘Go to the Trout Lake Market’ off my summer bucket list (although I definitely want to go back!)


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