Saturday, August 24, 2013

Another summer bucket list outing!

 Today we went to the Saturday Farmer’s Market at Trout Lake.  I’d only been to Trout Lake once before, quite a few years ago now since it was before Andrew was born and I barely remembered it.  It wasn’t familiar at all.  The Lake itself is pretty small, but I got a really good vibe from the area and kind of fell in love with the park for some reason!  It wasn’t necessarily anything over the top special, I just liked it.  And the market itself was great.  We generally go to the Burnaby one but it’s so small compared to this one.  We saw 2 vendors there that we used to see nearly every week when we lived downtown and frequented the Saturday market on Nelson Street.  It was nice to see them again and show off our new additions!  They were pretty surprised to see we’d added 2 more to our family.  I like those little connections to the people we’re buying food from, it makes me happy to go to those markets

After the market we took the kids over to the playground and Andrew had lots of fun climbing.  The girls enjoyed some swing time, and then we set them up on the picnic blanket for a snack.  They enjoyed their snacks (they are always eating it seems!) but they were more curious about the grass, and finding things in the grass to put into their mouths…such as small sticks, big sticks, cigarette butts…Umm, yeah, SUPER GROSS, luckily we were watching them like hawks but still.  So unrelaxing for us!  We want them to be able to explore but you just can’t trust them not to attempt to eat everything in sight.

It was a fun outing though, and I’m happy to be able to cross ‘Go to the Trout Lake Market’ off my summer bucket list (although I definitely want to go back!)

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Enjoying some yard time

We’ve barely used our backyard lately because the weather hasn’t been the greatest.   So when the sun came out today I decided we HAD to spend some time in the yard.  I was a complete zombie today due to lack of sleep, and it was a bit of a trying day over all, but I’m glad I got the kids playing out on the deck.  Or, should I say THE BABIES.  I just got them outside in their super yard and turned to tell Andrew to come out and I saw that he had fallen asleep on the couch!  I tried to entice him with getting to play with the new water gun that ‘Nanaimo Nana’ (my Nana) gave him when she was over last weekend, but he woke up only long enough to shake his head no and close his eyes again.
So it was just me and the babies, which was fun even without Big Brother.  Emily enjoyed practicing walking with the walker we scored for free a few weeks back, and then she caught sight of the beach ball and would hold it up in the air and squeal with delight – it was too cute!  Margaret spent most of her time either trying to steal the walker away from her sister (despite that she’s walking on her own and doesn’t need the walker!)  (It’s so cute, she really toddles now – she basically looks like a miniature drunk when she walks, but she’s taking more and more steps at a time and loves to walk every chance she gets!)  Margaret also enjoyed attempting to move the entire superyard as if she was going to push it till it fell off the deck, and picking up bits of leaves from the deck (I swept it before we went out but obviously missed a few things).  She’s getting better at giving stuff to me when I say, ‘Ta to Mommy!’ so for the most part she’d bring me whatever she was about to put in her mouth, but still…(It’s pretty cute, she knows she’s not allowed to have the TV remotes, well usually she would steal them and then grin wildly at me like oooh, look what I’ve got!  But now I say, ‘Ta to Mommy!’ and she passes it to me right away!)  Anyway, yes, Margaret was a tad on the mischievous side! 
Then they started to fuss, so I added the plastic Little Tykes play structure to their play area (I don’t keep it in there because they wreak havoc on it so I can’t just let them play without spotting them the entire time!) and they had an absolute field day playing on that.  Interestingly, since Margaret is the one who’s walking, Emily is the one who can climb right up the slide all by herself without even thinking about it.  Blink and she’s up at the top of the structure!  Whereas Margaret just sort of flounders at the bottom of it and gets upset and I had to keep lifting her up to the top of the slide.  They took turns going down the slide and LOVED it!  Emily especially, she is just so expressive with her voice when it comes to things she really enjoys.  She would squeal and then madly clamour to get up the slide again before Margaret even had a chance to go down it!  (So I use the term ‘took turns’ going down the slide loosely!!)

(As a side note, just because it’s something I want to document, yesterday Margaret started saying the word, ‘Up!’ and while sometimes she says it randomly, she also says it in the right context, so I am going to say that ‘Up’ is her first word!)

It was so nice to get some play time out in the yard today, I really hope the weather stays nice enough for a while that we can spend more time out there before the long months of looking out the window but not being able to go out start again.  I’m REALLY not looking forward to fall and winter, because I feel isolated enough with 3 small kids, the idea of it being extra complicated and often impossible to go out makes me want to cry.

So we’re doing what we can to make the most of what’s left of the summer!

Friday, August 16, 2013

Downtown day

Yesterday I went and got my hair done downtown, where I used to pre-twins.  James had the day off so we went over to his mom’s house (she lives near the hair dressers’) and they looked after the kids while I had my appointment.  It was great to get that time, but I think I’m going to have to find someone closer to do my hair from now on.  It just felt like a lot to go all the way downtown for that, and I know most often James wouldn’t be off, so it’s a lot to ask one person to take all 3 kids.  It’s so hard…Not really having much help to speak of, and feeling like I somehow owe the mil when she does stuff like that for me, just because of the nature of our relationship.  We do have a babysitter now, but if we have her over (which has only been one time so far) we can’t go anywhere far, because it costs us $15 per hour and she doesn’t stay longer than 4 hours max.  When you think about it, it’s tough because if it takes us half an hour each way to get where we’re going (which it easily could given how traffic can be), that’s one whole hour gone just in travel time!  I feel kind of bummed about how tied down we are, to be honest.  I love my kids and of course if I didn’t have them I’d totally feel a void (I did before I had them all!) and I WANT this life, but it’s hard because having twins, no one really feels comfortable taking that on.  Everyone says to me, ‘I don’t know how you do this all day’ and truthfully, neither do I!  It isn’t easy, but I do it…I just wish there were more people in our lives who were willing AND able to take on all 3 for a length of time so James and I could have time together, or we could get stuff done, or WHATEVER, more often than once in a blue moon.

Anyway…I got my hair done, and then James and I met up at Milestones at English Bay for dinner.  Then, even though it was spitting with rain, we went and sat on a bench by the water and looked out at all the sailboats.  It was so nice to be able to do that.  I love being able to spend a few hours, just the two of us.

Today James has the day off as well (he starts his new job in 2 weeks and all he was ‘allowed’ by his current employer was to take these 2 measly days off…I’m a little upset about that since he won’t be able to take any more days off till Christmas now…and he had 9 days saved up.  Yes he’ll get a pay out for those days but it’s not the same as him actually being able to spend time as a family).  Anyway, wow I’m full of little complaints today aren’t I!  So today we’ve taken turns having ‘me time’ and I’m at the beginning of 2.5 hours to myself, YAY for that!!

This post makes it sound like all I want to do is spend time away from my children, and that’s not the case at all.  I love those gals and guy to absolute bits.  They are so special to me and I love the time we spend together, but I think it’s important to have alone time, too, and it’s too few and far between these days that we get that time to just ‘be.’  I think it’s OK and perfectly natural to miss that ability sometimes, to just do whatever.  Even just going to the store now is such a process.  Little, simple everyday things can become impossible, and that bothers me sometimes.  Oh, and we’ve decided that we’re not going out past roughly 4pm from now on if we can help it, or at least until the babies are no longer napping.  Because last night we drove home and got here around 8 and both babies had slept in the car and woke up when we got them into their cribs.  They were up and WIRED and extremely energetic, yet acting overtired at the same time, till 11pm.  I was up on my own with them for the majority of that time since James went to bed due to getting so little sleep lately because of them.  So yeah…While the date was fun, it sort of felt like it wasn’t worth it for how the rest of the night went.  Sigh!!  I know things will get better, and I also try to remind myself that one day I will be missing how needy my kids were for my attention!  I just wish sometimes that things were a little easier is all…

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Michael Dunahee: is it him?

I was eleven years old when Michael Dunahee went missing from a playground in Victoria, BC.  Being that I was from a city so close by, it felt a little too close for comfort.  I remember it impacting pretty much everyone I knew, the idea that a child could just disappear like that.

Time passed, but Michael Dunahee became a household name.  Everyone knew the story, and we all held out hope that one day he would be found alive.  The whole thing is devastating, but not knowing what happened means his family never gets any amount of closure, and that doesn’t sit well with me.  (Not that closure means they would ever even remotely recover from their loss, but it would at least be something for them to have an answer).  Now that I am a parent of a boy the same age as Michael was when he disappeared, it terrifies me to even imagine what it would be like to be in that position.  I don’t even want to think about it – except that I do, insofar as I am definitely cautious (without being overbearing!) when we’re at the park, because even though the parks we frequent seem safe, I know that anything can happen.  It can be a scary world out there.

Recently it came out in the news that a man living in Surrey was having his DNA tested to see if he might be Michael Dunahee.  In some ways, this is a time when I think social media and our ability to put everything out there so easily is a problem.  The man wrote on a public message board about how the police had approached him due to tips they’d been given that he had a striking resemblance to what Michael would look like now according to computer generated images.  I don’t think it was right for him to share this information so publicly.  The police have to respond to any tips they’re given, but I would hope they go about looking into them without even mentioning it to the Dunahee family.  Why give them hope when after all these years, the chances are so slim that they are going to find him?  But because the guy put it out there, it was all over the news, and therefore put into the faces of Michael’s family.  While I’m sure it’s hard in some ways to even have hope anymore – I read in one article that his father was already dismissing the idea that it was his son – I’m sure there’s a part of them that can’t help but feel hopeful.  You’d have to.  So that poor family has been left wondering for 22 years now, and here they are waiting and wondering once again, with a glimmer of hope to hold onto, knowing that likely the guy won’t be a match and they’ll be back to grieving all over again.  My heart truly goes out to them, I feel so sad for them, just imagining how painful this whole process has been.  While I see how theoretically the man didn’t break the law by talking about how he was approached and asked for his DNA, I also can’t help but wonder if the police asked him to keep quiet about it.  I can’t quite get over how upsetting this must be for the Dunahees and it bothers me that it was leaked to the public.

I can’t help but hold out hope that it turns out he’s Michael.  It would be bittersweet because obviously no matter what, his family missed out on very crucial years of his life.  They wouldn’t even know each other.  But knowing he is alive would be so amazing.  To be given a chance to know each other again, incredible.  I can’t understand why they aren’t speeding up the process of testing his DNA so that it doesn’t have to take months to find out the answer either way, because it doesn’t seem fair to keep this family waiting another second wondering.  But I sincerely hope it’s a match, and they might be able to start piecing together what happened, and get their son back after all.

Monday, August 12, 2013

Recent random tidbits

I just noticed today that Emily has sprouted her 7th tooth!  These babies are changing so fast.  Getting more adorable by the second, when I would’ve thought that wouldn’t even be possible ;)

Margaret has taken 6 steps in a row, although I think 4 of those steps were with the same foot, so she was kind of going in a circle!  She generally does 2-3 steps at a time.  It’s really cute watching her, and you can just tell she is desperate to start running.  She looks where she wants to get to and you can see the gears working, like, come on legs, work it, get me there!

Emily hasn’t started walking yet but she is definitely close.  She can sure crawl fast!  Especially when trying to rush to Fifi’s bowl of cat food in the dining room!!  Whenever she’s allowed through the gate that leads to that section of the house, she makes a bee line for it.  (She once got a kibble before anyone noticed where she was, though she didn’t actually eat it because I got it out of her mouth before she could!)  Apparently she really enjoyed Fifi’s food because she’s obsessed with getting to it.  When she gets beyond the gate she just starts madly crawling…or she might just be going at normal speed and then I’ll say, ‘Em-i-ly!’ like I know she’s up to something and she starts crawling like it’s an Olympic sport and she’s definitely going for gold!  LOL  Margaret on the other hand, if she’s doing something she knows she shouldn’t and I say, ‘Marrrrr-garet!’ she stops right away and looks at me like, ‘What?!’  Usually then she’ll stop, unless she’s trying to get at some sort of electronics.  She’s obsessed with iPhones and remote controls!

It’s so cute watching the babies play together now.  They are starting to babble at each other sometimes (not a lot, but when they do it’s the cutest thing ever!)  They fight over toys if there’s only one of what they’re wanting, but yesterday I actually saw Margaret try to pass a toy to her sister to play with.  She loves to share, if you give her a cracker or cookie or something she can hold herself to eat, she will take a bite and then hold it out and try to get you to take a bite, too.

Andrew is pretty good with his sisters.  He absolutely adores them, there’s no question about that.  He can be a bit aggressive with them at times, but nothing beyond what would be normal, and if anything I’d say it’s a lot less than I’d have expected given he has TWO little ankle biters to deal with!  I know he doesn’t know any different, but it’s double the trouble compared to one baby sibling, so I think he’s amazing with them.  They look at him like he is God, so he can pretty much do no wrong.  They grin at him like they idolize him.  It’s really cute. 

On Saturday we took the kids to a little fair at Kensington Park, which ended up being a hit with Andrew because there were bouncy castles and even a few cool Midway rides.  The girls enjoyed crawling/Margaret practiced walking on the grass.  After a bit of a rest in between, we went back out to buy a Laugh and Learn house from someone near Como Lake (through Craigslist).  Andrew had the same toy when he was a baby but we didn’t hold onto it for our future child(ren) because it took up so much space.  I saw it on CL and had to have it for the girls, and James agreed.  It has basically already paid for itself, all 3 kids have been enjoying it!  Of course it’s babyish for Andrew, but it’s a novelty item at the moment.  He likes to play with his sisters anyway, so if they’re having fun with it, he goes along with it.  As soon as we brought it into the house and put it on the floor by the babies, Emily stood up against it, then threw her arms up in the air in that way she does, and she squealed!  So obviously it meets her expectations of a cool toy!! 

Because we were in the area to pick up the toy, we decided to check out Como Lake.  I’ve heard of it but never been, so now we can say we walked around the whole thing.  Which sounds impressive, but it’s a tiny lake – it probably took us about 10 minutes to walk around it, and that’s only because Andrew can’t go very fast with his kid legs!  LOL  It was a nice outing, though.  We’d hoped to have a little picnic but it was too goose poopy, but the kids did enjoy the swings at the little playground before we headed home.

Lately I’m finding I get anxious if we have to be out around supper time, which kind of sucks.  I have always liked being the type of parent who let’s her kids sleep whenever they need to, but if the babies nap around dinner time (and they pretty much ALWAYS sleep if we’re driving) they tend to stay up very late – as in often till at least 11pm.  It sucks for me because I REALLY need a bit of quiet time in the evenings after everyone’s in bed – and realistically, it’s hard because after they go to sleep, before I have some quiet time where I do what I want I have to get James’ lunch made for the next day, tidy up, make formula for the next day, and the list goes on (sometimes laundry, etc).  If Margaret in particular (though sometimes it’s Emily, too) stays up till 11pm, it means I am up till 12:30-1am doing all my chore stuff and then I either have zero time to myself or I end up staying up till around 2 just to get a tiny bit of time to collect my thoughts.  Getting up at 7am then means I am a complete wreck for most of the next day, which totally sucks.  Today was big time one of those days.  Not good AT ALL.  I also have some really stressful family stuff happening that I don’t feel like blogging about that has been making it harder to sleep because I’m worrying about that…I really, REALLY need some solid sleep, but even when I do get, say 6 hours in a row, it never feels like it’s even close to being enough.  By afternoon I am always feeling pretty zonked, it’s just kind of my normal I guess!

James is changing jobs after Labour Day weekend, so that’s some big news.  I’m still processing it – while I’m happy for him in terms of this being better for his career, big changes like that are kind of stressful for me.  I know I’m not the one having to do it, it won’t affect me TOO much, but still!  The great thing is that after tomorrow he’s off for the rest of the week.  YAY for some days off!  Of course for him they’ll be more exhausting days than if he went to work, but for me it’s GLORIOUS!!!  I’m getting my hair done later in the week which I’m really looking forward to since it has been 7 months since I had my hair cut last.  I’m even getting highlights, which I haven’t got since I can’t even remember when.  It’ll be soooo nice to have a few hours to myself.  I look forward to family outings too, and hopefully, fingers crossed, a date night for me and James…if we can find someone willing to take on the kiddos for us =)

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