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Another summer bucket list outing!


Enjoying some yard time

We’ve barely used our backyard lately because the weather hasn’t been the greatest.So when the sun came out today I decided we HAD to spend some time in the yard. I was a complete zombie today due to lack of sleep, and it was a bit of a trying day over all, but I’m glad I got the kids playing out on the deck.Or, should I say THE BABIES.I just got them outside in their super yard and turned to tell Andrew to come out and I saw that he had fallen asleep on the couch!I tried to entice him with getting to play with the new water gun that ‘Nanaimo Nana’ (my Nana) gave him when she was over last weekend, but he woke up only long enough to shake his head no and close his eyes again. So it was just me and the babies, which was fun even without Big Brother.Emily enjoyed practicing walking with the walker we scored for free a few weeks back, and then she caught sight of the beach ball and would hold it up in the air and squeal with delight – it was too cute!Margaret spent most of her time either…

Downtown day

Michael Dunahee: is it him?

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