Nothing sweeter than 2 sleeping babies =)

I’m not one to enforce a strict routine on my babies.  It’s just not something I’m good at.  I can’t be the type of parent who can’t be out during certain hours of the day because that’s when the babies sleep.  I wasn’t that way with Andrew, and I’m not that way with the girls.  I can see the benefits of both sides, but I like to just go with the flow of what the babies need at any given time.  When we go out, they generally fall asleep in the van and there’s nothing I can do about that, so they have their nap times at various times through the day, depending on what we happen to be up to.  If they fall asleep in their stroller when we’re out, fine.  Whatever goes!  For the past couple of days they’ve tandem napped on the rug in the living room, and that’s working gloriously – I REALLY hope it keeps up (although I kind of know it won’t, because that’s just how it tends to go with 2 babies at once!!)

I like it when they nap at the same time for obvious reasons.  Andrew and I had some good craft and play time yesterday while the girls co-slept, and today (while Andrew is downtown) I am getting some time for journaling.  Margaret in particular could wake 10 minutes into what I would expect to be a longer nap so I’m always aware that my ‘break time’ could end at any second (she’s a cat napper, that one – Emily is still my ‘good sleeper’, thank goodness for one good sleeper!!)  But I’ll take what I can get.  Usually I spend the time they sleep doing chores quickly, since it’s a lot easier to get a few things done when they’re not active, but I got some stuff done while they played a little earlier, so I’m taking this time to just write.

Margaret and Emily turned 9 months old on Sunday, which is just so hard to believe.  Since they ‘only’ made it to 36 weeks on the inside (which is 9 months), they have now officially been on the outside longer than they were on the inside.  How crazy is that?!  It seems like just yesterday they were born.  On the other hand, how did I ever exist before knowing them?!  They are the sweetest baby girls, such beauties inside and out.  I am so lucky to have them (and of course their big brother Andrew, too, always and forever my ‘biggest, bestest boy in the whole wide world’ as I like to tell him!)

The girls have officially started playing with each other!  They sort of have here and there up till now, but yesterday in particular I noticed they started making each other giggle.  This morning Emily kept putting her hand near Margaret’s face, and Margaret would lean forward and stick her tongue out at Em’s fingers.  This would send Emily into a fit of laughter, so funny!  Unfortunately I didn’t have my camera near me at the time to video it, but I love knowing there are so many of those types of cute and funny moments to come.  It makes all the harder moments of having 2 babies at once so worth it to see them having fun together.  Sisters and best friends for life!


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