Couch 2 5k update...And they say things happen in 3's...

Day 2 of the Couch 2 5k completed last night =)  It wasn’t easy but maybe I noticed a slight improvement from the first time?  Nah, not really.  I kind of wanted to stop before I even started, because instead of walking slowly and easing in during the 5 minute warm-up walk, I started walking briskly right away.  This caused my shin bones to start aching, so by the time I actually had to start jogging, I was in pain!  LOL  I found the whole thing kind of hard but at the same time I really enjoyed it, which sounds weird I know.  I think I’m just really up for the challenge, and I feel good about finally doing something for fitness, and for myself.

One thing that I find REALLY helps when I start to feel like I’m struggling and don’t know how I’ll manage to run for the entire minute (yes, one measly minute can do me in!) is to remind myself that I’ve been through childbirth.  If I can do that, I can do anything.  Jogging or running for one minute is not a big deal at all.  It helped a lot!  I am determined to stick with this program and my short term goal with it is to finish the program and actually run in a 5k run event.  I also want to keep up with the running, since obviously if I don’t I’ll end up having to start all over again.  I’m not just determined to stick with this program, I’m determined to lose some weight and feel healthier, have more energy, and the only way to accomplish these things is to work at it.  It feels really good to know I am starting that finally.  I know I’ve only done 2 days so far, but tomorrow will mean week 1 of the program is complete, and I feel excited about that.  I still feel like ME running 5K all in a row without feeling like I’m going to die after one minute is a long shot, but the program is supposed to work, so I’m counting on that!

It was great to do the run yesterday, but other than that it wasn’t the greatest day ever.  Three things happened that I really could have done without.  In the morning James got a ticket for riding his bike through a stop sign (there were no cars around, but still, that doesn’t justify it of course)….So we are now out $160 that could have gone toward something far better than a stupid ticket.  Seriously, riding a BICYCLE and getting a ticket for that much just seems like a major blow.  Then while driving home yesterday from taking my mom to a dr’s appt, I at some point managed to drive over a screw and got a flat tire.  Luckily I got home and the tire hadn’t deflated yet, while I do have BCAA coverage it would have sucked to have had to stop on the side of the road and wait for someone to come and help me with 3 kids in the van.  It’s really weird because I’ve never done this before, but I decided to move the van out of the driveway to wash it and I put the girls in their high chairs in the carport and Andrew was excited to help me.  I figured the girls would be happy enough to sit there and watch since it would be a new experience for them, so I thought why not get the van washed in the afternoon.  I noticed one of the back tires looked flat but thought maybe it was just the way I was parked slightly on the curb, so I moved the car over a bit and sure enough it was a flat tire.  My dad came over to help with changing it to the spare (I learned how to change a tire when I took Young Driver’s, but that was in 1996 so 17 years ago…I kind of needed a refresher…LOL (omg how has it been 17 years since I got my driver’s license?!  Crazy))  Anyway, so the tire is being repaired and my dad’s bringing it back today.  I just thought it was interesting that I just so happened to do something that would make me realize I had a flat when I otherwise wouldn’t have discovered it till I had packed up all the kids in the van to go somewhere, which would have been SO frustrating.  So it worked out better than it could have, but still…More money lost and really nothing to show for it.

Then after dinner I was getting ready to go for my run and we discovered that a diaper (actually it turned out to be 2 diapers) had somehow gotten into the washer and burst open, leaving little bits of absorbent gel stuff ALL OVER EVERYTHING.  We have a ginormous washer so it was like 3 loads in one, and I had to individually thoroughly rinse each article of clothing in the sink and then clean out the whole washer before re-washing everything.  It took almost 2 full hours and was the most annoying thing ever.  I’m sure cloth-diaperers out there would say it serves me right, but I just couldn’t do cloth with twins.  I’m already doing several loads of laundry every day, and I can’t imagine how many bins I would need to store a week’s worth of 2 babies’ dirty diapers if I did a diaper service.  It just wouldn’t work for me.  It’s worth the risk of the gel stuff, although I will obviously be paranoid about checking the washer now because it was NOT how I wanted to spend the evening, that’s for sure!!

So far today has been better, so at least there’s that!


Chandra said…
Good for you! I need to get my butt off the couch too! :)

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