Couch 2 5k update and family outings

Circumstances didn’t allow me to start the Couch 2 5k program this weekend.  On Saturday James was out for a few hours in the morning running some errands so I was home with the kids.  Then we were preparing for and hosting a birthday party for my mil.  M&K were there and I hadn’t seen them for a few years.  They had never met the babies so they were really smitten and it was great to see them.  We had food set up in the kitchen for people to fill their plates but mainly we were out in the backyard and it proved to be a perfect spot for hosting a party!  We even set the girls up in their high chairs out there for their supper and they ate steamed carrots and broccoli and cream corn all by themselves (this, incidentally, was not on the party menu list lol  I made them their own food the night before!)  The party went later than we’d thought it would so by the time everyone left it was basically time to get all the kids to bed.

James was up quite a bit with Margaret through the night till Sunday so when I got up in the morning, he went back to bed.  Then we went for a family outing, first to look at baby gates (we got one, we need 2 more…) and then to Central Park in Burnaby for a picnic.  We’d never been there before, I’d really only heard about it after that whole fiasco with the snakefish a year or so ago.  (It’s worth looking up if you’re interested – snakefish totally creep me out!  So glad they got rid of the one that was there!  I can’t even think about the fact that people actually EAT those things…ugh)  Anyway…I wanted to go to Central Park and I’m glad we went – we had a great time – but I doubt I’d go back there.  We have so many amazingly beautiful parks in Burnaby and surrounding areas, and that one just didn’t do much for me.  It was pretty but also just seemed kind of…old, maybe?  In a weird sort of way.  I don’t know how to explain it!  But the babies enjoyed having some snacks on the picnic blanket, and Andrew and James played with the new water gun (Andrew’s first water gun!) that we got at the dollar store before heading to the park.  Andrew and I kicked his spiderman ball around for a while and couldn’t stop laughing together –so it was definitely a fun outing.  We were there for 3 hours and I couldn’t believe it, it felt like maybe an hour!  So the day basically flew by, and then when we got home I ended up having to go drop something off at my parents’ house.  I took Andrew with me and by the time we got home it was time to get everyone to bed again. 

Sigh.  !!  Not enough hours in the weekend, ever.  I was pretty bummed to not start the program when I said I was going to, because it just felt like a failure to let it slide like that.  But I vowed to start on Monday, and James promised he’d be home in time for it to work out…And I’m happy to report it DID work out!  We met up at a park for a picnic supper (James brought us Baguette Time, yum!!) so before I ate anything I did Day 1 of the Couch 2 5k.  It kind of kicked my ass, I won’t lie.  A 5 minute ‘brisk walk’ warm-up, followed by 60 seconds running alternating with 90 seconds walking for 15 minutes and then a 5 minute cool-down…It sounds ‘easy.’  It sounds like it should be a walk in the park (no pun intended!)  But wow, I was definitely getting a work-out, and it wasn’t an easy one!  It felt good, though.  I really felt it in my core, and that makes sense given that my core needs work!  Especially after the twin pregnancy.  We’ll see how I feel tomorrow but I find it interesting that where I am ‘feeling it’, rather than in my legs where you’d THINK I’d be feeling it, given I was running (well, jogging), is more in my abdomen.  More at the sides of my abdomen, really.  It’s hard to explain and it’s not like I’m in a lot of pain or anything, but I can just feel that I had a workout and my body is adjusting to it.  It makes sense because it’s where my belly stretched out so huge when I was pregnant, there has got to be some damage after all those inches I stretched!  So it feels amazing to be working on that, and feeling it.  I felt so invigorated afterwards, too, which is awesome.  I’m definitely going to keep going with this, and I can’t wait to feel the results and actually be able to RUN without feeling like I’m going to collapse after 30 seconds!  LOL

We also had a lot of fun at the park.  The babies were adorable and mostly sat with me on the picnic blanket one by one while James took the other over by the playground where Andrew was playing.  It was nice to have a little one on one time with each baby since it’s pretty rare that that ever happens.  I also loved watching Andrew have fun in the water park, actually getting soaking wet and being totally ok with it!  He loves his new water gun and playing with the other kids who have them.

I love summer SO much.  After all the grey and rain we get, it’s such a nice treat to be getting outside so much and enjoying the parks and being more active.  Best time of year by far.

PS  Both girls are now able to stand unassisted.  Only for a second or two before falling down but they get right back up again to do it all over, so it’s only a matter of time before they are running around!  Emily particularly loves this trick!  It’s so cute to watch, she stands and then throws her arms up in the air and grins.  She knows how clever she’s being because we all yell, ‘Yaaaaay!’ and clap when she does it!


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