A very summery Canada Day long weekend

Written yesterday (July 3):
I keep meaning to write more about our weekend but I never get the chance.  Andrew’s downtown today with his Nana, Emily is currently napping, and Margaret is content to play on her own for the moment – so here I am!

It felt like a rough start to the long weekend in the sense that I was on my own for a few nights and therefore seriously lacking sleep.  But now those few days feel like they’re so far away already!  We really enjoyed the rest of the weekend together.  It felt like James was on holiday, which he was (not that it’s a ‘holiday’ when doing your usual routine with kids, but it was just so nice to have him home for an extra couple of days).  On Sunday we had a potential babysitter come over for an interview, which went well and we’re going to do a trial run within the next week.  It’s kind of expensive – people want more money for taking care of a 4 yr old AND twin babies, and fair enough, but it means not having them as often as I wish we could, because it’s just too much.  Even just a few times a month would be awesome though.  We’re aiming for once a week but we’ll see how it goes. 

After she left we had a few hours before James’ mom was coming over.  We decided to spend time in the backyard since my dad had just finished building our new deck the day before.  We set up the kids’ pool and filled it up (adding some hot water from the kitchen tap) and plopped the babies in….their first ever pool experience…and they LOVED it!!  Emily especially.  Margaret likes the water, but Emily LOVES to kick her legs and splash around, and Margaret isn’t so keen on getting splashed.  LOL  It’s SO cute watching them in the water.  Their bath times are always cut so short because I have two of them to deal with, so they don’t get the same fun ‘sink tubs’ that Andrew enjoyed on a regular basis when he was a baby.  I feel bad about that, but it’s just more complicated when there’s an extra baby involved.  So having them out in the pool enjoying the water makes me so happy!

Written today (July 4):

So Sunday night James’ mom came over…with her tent…and camped in the backyard with Andrew.  Part of me wasn’t totally keen on the idea (I won’t get into it here) but I decided to go ahead with it for Andrew’s sake, since he was excited about it.  As a treat before he went to bed I made smores, just by microwaving the marshmallows so they’d melt the chocolate since we can’t have a fire in the backyard and make them the ‘proper’ way.  He did really well, slept the whole night.  In the morning I made us a pancake breakfast and then we all went to the Burnaby Village Museum (just like we did last year, only this year the babies were on the outside to experience it!)  It was boiling hot on Canada Day but I’m so glad we went to the event.  Andrew and Nana watched a magician show while James and I sat in the shade on the grass with the babies.  Well, I almost felt as if we were on a stage with them.  I can’t even count how many people came up to marvel at the babies!  In particular whole Chinese families seem to flock to them, and just go on about how they’re twins and how cute they are and ask how old they are, etc etc.  It’s sweet and I love that the babies put smiles on people’s faces, but after like 15 minutes of people CONSTANTLY coming over to us and asking the same questions over and over, it gets to be a bit much!  I told James next time we’re out for an event, we’ll put one baby in a fat suit just to make them look like they’re not even the same age, and different outfits, so we can be anonymous.  LOL  I do love that the babies’ cuteness is recognized, and there IS something adorable about 2 babies dressed alike, I get that, and I DO love dressing them alike, so I’m not about to stop!  But yeah…I totally feel for celebrities because not only are they bombarded with attention that they sometimes might prefer not to have, they also have to deal with the issue of being scrutinized for everything they do - whereas in my experience, I am basically invisible except being there to answer questions, it’s the twins that are in the limelight!  So really, it’s not so bad what we’re dealing with ;)

When we’d done everything we wanted to at BVM, we stopped for ice cream and French Fries at the ice cream parlour there, and then headed back to our place.  We filled up the little pool in the backyard and as soon as the babies were in it they were sooo happy.  It was a scorcher that day so it must have felt great to cool down that way.  They splashed and had a great time, and drank lots of ice water!  We were sitting there drinking ice water and both the babies were eyeing up the glasses and even trying their darnedest to stand up to reach for them, so we couldn’t help but share!  Thirsty girls on such a hot day!

James took Tuesday off to make it an extra long weekend and I’m so glad he did.  We went for a nice walk around the neighbourhood, went to the park, fed the ducks, and hung out at home.  It felt like the day went by way too fast, but it was nice to have that bit of extra time together.  And I’m loving spending so much time in the yard now and having more options for things to do with the kids.   Summer is definitely my favourite season!


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