Just me and the kids

I’m on night one of 2 nights on my own with the kids.  James has gone to Victoria to visit his dad.  I opted to not take the kids because it would cost several hundred dollars, and it would be totally exhausting and complicated for sleeping and routine and blah blah – despite being worried about how the nights will go here on my own and how tired I’ll be, it felt like the lesser of two evils!  Plus James wanted to take his bike and do some cycling with his dad, so it just made sense for us to stay home.

I’m mostly nervous because James is such a big help to me – he takes over dealing with the babies from about 12:30/1am-just after 7am pretty much every single night.  And I’m used to that.  I generally fall asleep around 1:30 and get up when he wakes me before he goes to work.  Margaret in particular (but sometimes Emily, too) wakes up once or twice every night, and either she or Andrew has James up anywhere from 5-6:30am (usually on the earlier side, unfortunately).  So yeah…why am I writing this when I should be sleeping?!!!  It should be interesting…

My dad’s building a deck for our backyard starting tomorrow so my parents will both be over for part of the day.  My mom will potentially be able to watch the kids for me so I can have a bit of a nap in the afternoon.  Then my aunt and uncle are babysitting in the evening so I can have a break, and they suggested I go out, which I think I will do just for something different.  We also broke up the day today by going to my friends’ house who has 4 kids (one set of twins), which was fun (although Andrew could have been better behaved…sigh)!

I’m looking forward to having some time out tomorrow night.  And then when James gets home on Saturday, he will take over completely and I will get at least several hours of ‘me time’ since he’ll have had a few days – and two full nights of uninterrupted long sleep!!!  So yeah, I will be totally deserving of free time!  I’m trying to just focus on those good things I have to look forward to, rather than how sleepless the nights are most likely going to be.

Time to watch a bit of a show to maximize this tiny bit of time I have before I really, really, REALLY should go to bed!  (I really am my own worst enemy when it comes to sleep…but I can’t seem to help it!)


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