I survived 2 nights on my own with the kids and other stories

I survived 3 days/2 night on my own with the kids!!!

I did have help, but it still feels like an amazing feat to not have cried that entire time without James (although there may have been a few close moments).  I had family over every day he was gone, which definitely helped, but I feel proud of myself anyway, because it took a lot to do so much despite how little sleep I got.  Last night went better than the first night, although I still only got 4 hours of broken sleep.  I hate how the sleep deprivation plays with my emotions, but somehow today I managed to feel a lot better than I did yesterday. 

My dad finished building the new deck for our backyard and we spent some time outside.  After my parents left I still had about an hour before James would be home, but Andrew desperately wanted to play with his outside toys (read: clean them all one by one and dry them) RIGHT AWAY.  I knew it would be a gong show trying to keep the babies from falling off the deck (it’s only about a foot off the ground, but still, for little babies it would not be a good thing to fall off the side!) but then I decided to take the superyard outside and put them in that.  And voila, problem solved!  They got to be outside with us and had toys to play with and we could play without worrying what they might be getting up to.  The only thing I wish is that I didn’t have to bring it back in and reassemble it to how we used it inside, which is totally different to how I set it up outside.  But it’s not that big a deal considering how awesome it is to have that as a possibility for outdoor time when I’m on my own with all 3 kids.  That superyard has already paid for itself and we haven’t had it for very long.

I am in love with the fact that it’s summer, despite that I feel totally overheated in this particular moment.  Sweat city.  I get boiling hot in the winter and rarely wear a jacket so summer is stifling…But the sunshine is a novelty around here that will take a long time to wear off!  And I’m so happy it’s finally here, and looks like here to stay for a while (fingers crossed that for ONCE the weather reports are correct!)  Love love LOVING the fact that we get to go out and spend time in the yard, go for walks in the park, and enjoy new outdoor adventures with Andrew – and the babies who are experiencing summer for the very first time, which makes it all the more exciting!

Margaret is getting more vocal now, saying ‘babababa’ quite a bit (both girls say ‘Mamama’ and I’ve heard Emily say ‘Daaadddyyyyyy!’ once or twice, just randomly!)  But Margaret is constantly saying Babababa now.  She waves bye bye and tries to say bye, which comes out more like ba.  Emily waves but not necessarily ‘on command.’  Margaret also gives kisses!  If you say, ‘Margaret, give me a kiss!’ she makes this adorable kissing sound, sometimes seemingly without even thinking, other times she gets this cute look of concentration on her face and then smacks her lips together.  LOL  Both girls are getting really sturdy on their feet and I’m sure they’ll both be walking in no time.  They are also eating anything and everything!  Today they tried a cheese omelette I made and both loved it, and they tried peanut butter with no bad reactions (phew!) and they love muffins, bananas, watermelon, pasta, all types of fruits and veggies really, basically everything!  They even love drinking water from a glass, which I find absolutely hilarious to watch (of course it’s with help, but it just looks funny to me, babies drinking from cups, I don’t know why!)

Andrew is up to his usual antics.  His absolute favourite thing is doing crafts, whether it be painting, drawing, colouring, making collages, whatever.  He still loves to make little books, and he’s getting really good at drawing pictures of people and using lots of colour and being more creative than he used to be.  I think he really loves his yard spaces here, and going outside to kick a ball around in the little park in our complex.  Yay for summer!  Now I need to go turn the fan up to its highest setting and take a bit of a nap…


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