Father's Day outings

Andrew slept over at my parents’ place last night.  Given it was Father’s Day today, I thought I would get up early with the babies and let James sleep in a bit.  But instead, he suggested we go out for an early breakfast together.  We haven’t really taken the babies to restaurants much (twice in their life, maybe once?!) but we figured they’d be relatively easy – and luckily we were right!  We went to De Dutch and I had a yummy Cheese Bene and James had a Strawberry Cheesecake Pancake.  The babies tried a few hashbrowns, but otherwise stuck to their pureed food, some Cheerios, and a bottle.  For the most part they were really quiet, and we got to enjoy our brekkie and the shade with a hint of sunshine on the patio.  Soooo nice to be having breakfast outside!  And we were there before 9 in the morning, which for us is amazing!

 After breakfast we drove out to Port Coquitlam and went for a stroll around the Coquitlam River.  Well, part of it.  I’d never been to that area before so it was nice to explore a new place.  It was so beautiful, and so warm, and quiet.  The few people we did happen across were out enjoying their Sunday morning, too, and everyone seemed so friendly, which is always a bonus.

 (As you can see, I became obsessed with these berries!!)

After our walk we headed home, where James had a few hours of ‘me time’ while I drove the babies over to my parents’ house to visit and pick up the boy (except that when it was time to leave, he fell asleep, so I came home with just the girls and my dad just dropped him off a little while ago!)

It was such a nice day, and even though James and I didn’t have any time just the two of us, it felt good to get out for a breakfast ‘date’ and a walkabout adventure.  Bring on the sunshine, we have a summer ‘bucket list’ of places we want to explore!


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