Life is busy, but over all good.  The babies sure keep me on my toes!  Andrew went downtown today and I’m finding it’s no longer ‘helpful’ to not have him here with me.  In some ways it is, in the sense that I’m not having to get him food and drinks every 5 minutes or making sure he’s entertained as well.  But he’s more helpful with the babies than you’d think, given that he’s only 4!  I can’t leave the babies alone for a second because I don’t know what they might get up to (they are both crawling, Margaret like CRAZY but Emily too, and Margaret is desperate to get to the stairs…and pulls herself up to stand on anything she can.  Emily is working on pulling herself up to stand too.  I’ve seen her do it but she struggles a bit more to get up, but given the way she’s been practicing the past few days I know it’ll be no time at all before she’s into everything like her sister!  At least when Andrew’s here I can go upstairs to quickly get dressed and ready for the day because I know he’ll tell me if one of them (or both!) is up to something.  When I’m on my own with them, I don’t have that, and it’s becoming more challenging now, too, because they’ve taken to pinning each other to the ground and gouging at each other’s faces.  Emily was all over Margaret today any chance she could get.  It’s not like having one baby and being able to better predict what they might get up to if you leave the room for a couple of minutes.  Two is chaos!  I can fence them in with the superyard, but I can’t prevent them from tackling each other to the ground!

On Saturday we had professional photos taken.  The woman who did them came right to our house and set up her studio in our living room!  It was pretty cool.  It was also a total gong show.  We had the appointment for 11am, which I thought would work great because the babies would have napped by then and everyone would be happy.  Wrong.  The babies had been up since 5:30 in the morning and showed no signs of wanting to nap…till about 5 minutes before the photographer arrived.  Margaret was rubbing her eyes as things got started.  So needless to say, it could have gone better – but it went pretty well all considered.  I had hoped to get the babies into another outfit but I wasn’t able to because they were both freaking out by that point, so there are a lot of pictures of them just in their diapers, but that’s pretty cute, too!  I LOVED the dress/short set that I got them for the more ‘formal’ pictures, they looked absolutely PERFECT in them, cuter than I could have imagined.  And Andrew looked absolutely darling in his shirt and tie and hat!  I’m so glad we got some great pictures of all 3 of them together.  Margaret is usually a very smiley girl – both of them are – but with the bright lights and a stranger behind the camera, she did exactly what Andrew did when he had professional photos taken at 5.5 months old.  She just sat there with her mouth gaping open and not a smile to be found!  Emily, on the other hand, was all over that camera like she was made to sit in front of it.  It was hilarious!  She was all grins.  After a little freak out and a bottle, Margaret was back in the game and she was quite smiley for her diaper-only pictures.  We also got some great family shots that I’m so happy with, one with all of us including Fifi, which is awesome!

My grandma came over for the weekend so Saturday night we had a little early birthday party for her (her actual bday is today) and my uncle was there for that too, which was nice.  On Sunday my grandma took me shopping for the kids so they have some really cute new outfits and pj’s, so excited about that.  I absolutely love dressing them up, and in particular in the same outfits.  There’s just something so extra sweet about 2 babies in the same clothes!  I adore them.  As for Andrew, he’s as cute as ever of course.  Last time he had his hair cut I managed to make it a ‘big boy’ hair cut with the top being longer than the sides and back.  He LOVES wearing his hair spiked these days.  It looks adorable!  I’m hoping to keep it that way for a while rather than always doing a buzz cut, it just depends on how cooperative he is while I’m cutting it since I’m no hairdresser and things could get lopsided easily!  It’s really cute at the moment though!

Life continues to be challenging with twins, mainly just the no help issue.  I need to find someone who can help once in a while but I struggle to figure out how to go about that.  People say use Craigslist and I hesitate when it comes to finding someone I trust with my kids.  But I’m working on it, because it really would do me a world of good to have a bit of help.

So much more I want to write about, but as always no time.  Hopefully soon…


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