Boy and babies' progress update

Remember all those times in the past when I thought I was tired?  OK, forget all of that.  I didn’t know what tired was till I had a 4 yr old AND two babies who are crawling and into everything.  When the girls start walking, I am totally in for it!!
 It’s craziness!  All I’ve ever known with regard to a baby learning to crawl and walk is Andrew.  He crawled early, at about 5.5 months, and started walking on his 10 month ‘birthday.’  But there was only one of him.  And we lived in an apartment that was less than 600 sq ft with no stairs and you were pretty much in the living room when you were in the kitchen.  So while it seemed at the time like he was wreaking havoc and uncontrollable, it was easy peasy compared to what I’m up against now!  Andrew aside, because while he total wreaks havoc, he’s fairly predictable, isn’t interested in spilling the contents of cupboards, and knows better than to put everything and anything into his mouth.  So while he certainly has to be monitored, it’s the babies who are making my head spin!

Margaret has been desperate to move for ages, and she crawls at full force now, there’s really no stopping her.  She is so eager to move that she gets angry with her clothes because they hold her back!  Mommy likes to dress babies in dresses!  Margaret protests because dresses make her legs get stuck and then she can’t roam.  Mommy likes to dress babies in cute sleepers!  Margaret throws herself on the floor in a rage because she can’t get as much traction for mobility, and if the sleeper is even slightly too big on her (which is generally the case given her slight frame), her legs get tangled up in the fabric and she can’t get them untangled.  I predict Margaret will follow in her big brother’s footsteps, and want to be naked as often as possible in order to move freely at all times!

Emily wasn’t as eager to be on the move, and she’s still certainly not as crazy as Margaret about getting into things.  But she’s crawling at a pretty good pace now, pulling herself up to stand every chance she gets, and she’s obviously becoming more mischievous because twice today I thought she was Margaret because she was up to the usual antics of her sister!
 Up until a few days ago, neither baby had ever ventured onto the linoleum on their own, (so, they hadn’t left the living room area) but now Margaret’s favourite thing is to crawl straight into the kitchen and play with the fridge magnets (only safe toddler ones are within their reach now, I made sure of that today!)  There’s one little step that goes up from our living room to what is supposed to be a formal dining area, but that we use for our desk and change table.  Now that both girls have mastered getting over that step, there is no stopping them.  While I was getting some food prepared this morning, Andrew called out to let me know that Margaret was climbing the stairs, and sure enough she’d made it to the 4th step by the time I got to her!  So we’re going to have to get gates…several of them…Today I set up Andrew’s old play pen and we’re using it as a gate to the living room, but it’s sooo annoying having to move it every time we want to go in there, and it’s so big!  It’s also not functional for 2 babies, because I put them in there to try it out and they started gouging at each other.  Andrew’s been using it as a fort or ‘jail’ but I know that novelty will wear off pretty quick!

The girls are starting to laugh more, and I can hardly wait to catch some hysterical baby laughter on camera!  They’re doing really well with their solids – I’m still giving them purees but I’m also giving little bits of food, too.  Cheerios, little cut up pieces of orange, peach, banana, beans, peas, etc.  Tonight they even tried little pieces of garlic toast, and asparagus!  They pretty much seem to love everything.  I enjoy the noises Emily makes while she eats, she makes sounds like she’s REALLY loving the food, and it’s way too cute!  It’s also funny giving them a cookie or one of their little rice crackers because Emily devours hers messily, while Margaret takes dainty little bites.  Margaret will still have ¾ of her cracker left in her hand, and it will appear as though Emily has finished hers already, but half of it is in little pieces all over the floor.  Margaret, careful not to drop her own cracker, will lean forward and steal what she can of Emily’s and eat that before working on the rest of hers!  LOL  Emily has been known to steal food from Margaret, too, though, so it works both ways.  It’s just too entertaining watching twins, I love it!

Emily has her 2 bottom teeth and now one of her front upper teeth is beginning to poke through.  She had her bottom teeth way before Margaret got hers.  But now Margaret has the two bottom ones, and has 3 beginning to poke through up top!  They’re still only just beginning to come through, but their teeth are just too cute for words.  In some ways I miss the gummy baby grins, I feel like these girls, like their brother, are growing up WAY TOO FAST, but at the same time each stage is so fun and interesting.  Exhausting, too, yes – but so worth it when all is said and done!
 I don’t mean to leave Andrew out so much…It’s easy to get caught up in ‘twin life’ but Andrew is doing amazing things as well!  He’s just so funny.  Last night he we were reading a joke book together, and he decided to tell me a joke he had memorized from it.  He was having a bit of a tough time actually saying it, though, and it was getting painful listening to him struggle with the words.  He was obviously feeling the same way and finally just stopped trying and said, ‘Trust me, Mommy, when you hear this joke you will think it’s absolutely hilarious!’  My boy doesn’t have a shy bone in his body, he is so outgoing and never hesitates to talk to people.  When he has some friendly banter with someone, he will say to me, ‘That was certainly a nice little chat!’ or ‘That was sure nice, wasn’t it, Mommy?!’  He just melts my heart with how sweet he is.  He often will just out of the blue say to me, ‘Mommy, you’re the best Mommy in the whole wide world!’  He also adores his sisters so much, which I love since it could go the other way given how much time they take away from him.  Last week or so I asked him what he loves about his sisters, and he replied, ‘Everything!  I just love them!’  And I said, ‘But why?’  and he replied, ‘Because there’s just more love with them here!’  Then I asked him, ‘What do you NOT love about your sisters?’  He thought about it for a while and then said, ‘There’s nothing, just love!’  So cute =)  Yesterday he started getting really frustrated because the babies are really getting into his stuff now and I think that’s going to take a lot of getting used to for him, since nothing that he’s used to being ‘his’ is safe from them anymore.  He said, ‘Mommy, when she does that it makes me wish she’d never been born!’  I said, ‘That’s not very nice, imagine if I said that about you every time you did something that annoyed me!’  He said he didn’t like that idea very much.  Then this morning Emily did something that got on his nerves and he said, ‘Argh, Mommy, when she does that it make me have less love!’  LOL!!  He has also taken lately to picking the babies up and moving them to a ‘safe zone’ if he’s decided they shouldn’t be where they are.  I have to stress how careful he has to be with them since obviously they’re still pretty fragile and I don’t want him to put them down too hard, but it’s pretty cute the way he does it.  He does make them cry sometimes, not so much with the picking up, but just because he rough houses a bit at times, but for the most part he can do no wrong – they are infatuated with him!

My kids are HARD WORK, I’m not going to lie, it’s tiring and there are times where I just feel like I’m totally going to lose it.  But at the end of the day, it’s so amazing to think I have these 3 little people who love me unconditionally, who I love more every minute, and who are blossoming into their own personalities.   It’s incredible!  And while twins are particularly challenging just because there are two of them getting into everything – in opposite directions, might I add – at all times, I feel like the luckiest woman in the world to have the 3 kids that I do, and to have been blessed (for lack of a less religious sounding word) with twins.  I love, love, LOVE them SO MUCH! 

OK, enough gushing for one night, but it feels good to have finally done a decent update on where they’re at.  So many things left unsaid, but still…I wish my brain could just document every single little thing so it would never be forgotten.  It’s a shame that any precious moment only be witnessed in the split second it happens in.  I know I have my complaints at times about how busy and tired this life leaves me, but it must be pretty darn good when I am wishing I could relive a great deal of it =)


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