All good things must come to an end?

I’m thinking of going a new route with blogging.  I still want to blog about my life – mostly my kids – as I’m doing now, but I think I want it to be private.  Maybe I’ll also have a totally anonymous public blog where I can talk about other things?  I’m a very private person and I think I don’t like everything I write about being visible to ‘just anyone.’

The thing is, there are a few people out there (I’m sure you know who you are!) who I would want to keep in touch with, and who I hope would still be interested in reading what I have to say.  If you want to follow me in blog land once I’ve figured out what I’m doing (I haven’t planned this ‘move’ out yet, and I’m not even sure when I’ll have the time to make the transition, so it could be a while yet) you can email me at queenliz80 at shaw dot ca and I will add you to my private blog (eventually!)  

I feel torn because I’ve had this blog for so long…My first ever blog (started in 2005 I believe?) is still floating around out there,  It links to my ‘new blog’ (thought-jot) which is actually someone else’s blog now, because I deleted my second blog – stupidly, might I add, because if I hadn’t I wouldn’t have lost a year’s worth of journaling when my computer died on me a week after I deleted it, and, incidentally, a few days shy of my wedding day.  Sigh.  Nope, I will never get over that completely!  But I can write about it now without wanting to cry LOL.

I think I just want separate spaces for different aspects of my life.  I’d like my ‘family’ blog to be private, because otherwise who knows what freaks and creeps are reading about my kids, it’s just kind of weird, you know?  I want my extended family who doesn’t live close by to be able to read my blog about my kids so they can see pictures of them and read about the cute/funny/interesting things they’re doing.  But I don’t want my extended family to necessarily be reading every thought and feeling and ‘story’ about my life that I chose to share on here.  So I’m thinking blog for family, and blog for public.  I think I’d find it particularly therapeutic to be able to write about the issues I have with certain people in my life and the difficulties brought on by other people’s problems, without concern that they could happen upon it and link it back to me.  If that makes sense…I mean, I don’t write anything on here that I feel I’d regret if anyone did read it that I didn’t anticipate would.  Even my mil, who I most definitely have written about with regards to my issues with her – if she read it, well, when the shoe fits, right?  It is what it is.  But at the same time, I could be much more candid if I felt completely anonymous.  Maybe it’s just the type of person I am.  Sometimes I feel envious of people who can just air their clean and dirty laundry alike, and not think twice about any of it.  I’ve always been the type to want to share, but when I do, I second guess myself and think I should have just kept everything behind closed doors.  I’m just a really private person, always have been…But blogging has been such an amazing outlet for me since I first started, and I can’t imagine NOT blogging anymore.  I just think maybe it’s time for a change.


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