Saturday, June 29, 2013

I survived 2 nights on my own with the kids and other stories

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I survived 3 days/2 night on my own with the kids!!!

I did have help, but it still feels like an amazing feat to not have cried that entire time without James (although there may have been a few close moments).  I had family over every day he was gone, which definitely helped, but I feel proud of myself anyway, because it took a lot to do so much despite how little sleep I got.  Last night went better than the first night, although I still only got 4 hours of broken sleep.  I hate how the sleep deprivation plays with my emotions, but somehow today I managed to feel a lot better than I did yesterday. 

My dad finished building the new deck for our backyard and we spent some time outside.  After my parents left I still had about an hour before James would be home, but Andrew desperately wanted to play with his outside toys (read: clean them all one by one and dry them) RIGHT AWAY.  I knew it would be a gong show trying to keep the babies from falling off the deck (it’s only about a foot off the ground, but still, for little babies it would not be a good thing to fall off the side!) but then I decided to take the superyard outside and put them in that.  And voila, problem solved!  They got to be outside with us and had toys to play with and we could play without worrying what they might be getting up to.  The only thing I wish is that I didn’t have to bring it back in and reassemble it to how we used it inside, which is totally different to how I set it up outside.  But it’s not that big a deal considering how awesome it is to have that as a possibility for outdoor time when I’m on my own with all 3 kids.  That superyard has already paid for itself and we haven’t had it for very long.

I am in love with the fact that it’s summer, despite that I feel totally overheated in this particular moment.  Sweat city.  I get boiling hot in the winter and rarely wear a jacket so summer is stifling…But the sunshine is a novelty around here that will take a long time to wear off!  And I’m so happy it’s finally here, and looks like here to stay for a while (fingers crossed that for ONCE the weather reports are correct!)  Love love LOVING the fact that we get to go out and spend time in the yard, go for walks in the park, and enjoy new outdoor adventures with Andrew – and the babies who are experiencing summer for the very first time, which makes it all the more exciting!

Margaret is getting more vocal now, saying ‘babababa’ quite a bit (both girls say ‘Mamama’ and I’ve heard Emily say ‘Daaadddyyyyyy!’ once or twice, just randomly!)  But Margaret is constantly saying Babababa now.  She waves bye bye and tries to say bye, which comes out more like ba.  Emily waves but not necessarily ‘on command.’  Margaret also gives kisses!  If you say, ‘Margaret, give me a kiss!’ she makes this adorable kissing sound, sometimes seemingly without even thinking, other times she gets this cute look of concentration on her face and then smacks her lips together.  LOL  Both girls are getting really sturdy on their feet and I’m sure they’ll both be walking in no time.  They are also eating anything and everything!  Today they tried a cheese omelette I made and both loved it, and they tried peanut butter with no bad reactions (phew!) and they love muffins, bananas, watermelon, pasta, all types of fruits and veggies really, basically everything!  They even love drinking water from a glass, which I find absolutely hilarious to watch (of course it’s with help, but it just looks funny to me, babies drinking from cups, I don’t know why!)

Andrew is up to his usual antics.  His absolute favourite thing is doing crafts, whether it be painting, drawing, colouring, making collages, whatever.  He still loves to make little books, and he’s getting really good at drawing pictures of people and using lots of colour and being more creative than he used to be.  I think he really loves his yard spaces here, and going outside to kick a ball around in the little park in our complex.  Yay for summer!  Now I need to go turn the fan up to its highest setting and take a bit of a nap…

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Just me and the kids

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I’m on night one of 2 nights on my own with the kids.  James has gone to Victoria to visit his dad.  I opted to not take the kids because it would cost several hundred dollars, and it would be totally exhausting and complicated for sleeping and routine and blah blah – despite being worried about how the nights will go here on my own and how tired I’ll be, it felt like the lesser of two evils!  Plus James wanted to take his bike and do some cycling with his dad, so it just made sense for us to stay home.

I’m mostly nervous because James is such a big help to me – he takes over dealing with the babies from about 12:30/1am-just after 7am pretty much every single night.  And I’m used to that.  I generally fall asleep around 1:30 and get up when he wakes me before he goes to work.  Margaret in particular (but sometimes Emily, too) wakes up once or twice every night, and either she or Andrew has James up anywhere from 5-6:30am (usually on the earlier side, unfortunately).  So yeah…why am I writing this when I should be sleeping?!!!  It should be interesting…

My dad’s building a deck for our backyard starting tomorrow so my parents will both be over for part of the day.  My mom will potentially be able to watch the kids for me so I can have a bit of a nap in the afternoon.  Then my aunt and uncle are babysitting in the evening so I can have a break, and they suggested I go out, which I think I will do just for something different.  We also broke up the day today by going to my friends’ house who has 4 kids (one set of twins), which was fun (although Andrew could have been better behaved…sigh)!

I’m looking forward to having some time out tomorrow night.  And then when James gets home on Saturday, he will take over completely and I will get at least several hours of ‘me time’ since he’ll have had a few days – and two full nights of uninterrupted long sleep!!!  So yeah, I will be totally deserving of free time!  I’m trying to just focus on those good things I have to look forward to, rather than how sleepless the nights are most likely going to be.

Time to watch a bit of a show to maximize this tiny bit of time I have before I really, really, REALLY should go to bed!  (I really am my own worst enemy when it comes to sleep…but I can’t seem to help it!)

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Summer summer summer time!

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Today was an AWESOME day.  Yesterday was the official ‘first day of summer’ but it didn’t really feel like it because it was bordering on rain for most of the day.  Cloudy and not even worthy of an outing.  Then today happened.

It wasn’t a cloudless sky by any means, although as the day went on it got sunnier and sunnier.  It was warm and felt summery.  (Because we’re so used to rain and grey here, I actually forgot that it was summer, and wondered if I was just a bit sweaty because I tend to get overheated easily, and should be putting more blankets on the babies because they might be cold – then I remembered it’s SUMMER!)  WOW, seriously people, SUMMER IS HERE.  I LOVE summer.  It feels in some ways like it was just summer, and in others it feels like it was SO long ago.  I just love that it’s here and I know we have several months of warmer days to look forward to.  Not that summers here come with a sunshine-guarantee, but we’re at least guaranteed some, and I plan on taking as much advantage of the summer this year as possible.

I’ve been OBSESSING over getting a new stroller for a while now.  We got the Graco Duoglider to start off because it was relatively inexpensive and worked as a base for the car seats.  I would have preferred a double snap and go but at the time when I was needing one there were none available used on CL, and you could only buy them new in the US.  Since I wasn’t up for a cross border trip when I was double preggers, I opted to go with the duoglider.  But I didn’t like it functionally when it came to putting the babies in it without just having them in their car seats.  I had an all-terrain Quinny for Andrew, so I was used to air tires and awesome suspension!  The duoglider could have been worse, but it could have been so much better, too.  I guess you get what you pay for.

My dream was to have a baby jogger stroller, but they’re insanely expensive new.  The all-terrain type I wanted seemed impossible to find on CL, but I finally did and we went to check it out today.  All the way in Surrey, which wasn’t super far (took about 40 minutes, adding on a little extra because we got a bit lost when Siri totally led us astray…I kind of can’t stand Siri to be honest!  But that’s a different story!) but it felt like we were soooo far from home.  I was so worried we’d have gone all that way and then I wouldn’t want the stroller, or it wouldn’t fit in the back of our van (which was the real clincher!)  But luckily it totally worked out and we got it and I was (and am!) so happy with it.  I do have to get used to pushing it around in stores because we went into a store with it and I found it hard or sometimes impossible to go down some isles.  It fits through doorways, but if there’s stuff in the way in an isle, forget it!  It’s great though, and can easily be pushed with one hand, and that’s with all THREE kids in it!  Yes, you read right!  We also bought this little board that attaches to the back and Andrew can stand on it and be pushed around with both his sisters, which is AWESOME because there are times when we go for a long walk and he gets upset after a while because he’s too tired to keep walking, so this eliminates him always having to go on someone’s shoulders or just tough it out!  It’s going to be so worth the little extra we spent to get that.

After getting the stroller we went to Langley to Once Upon a Child, a consignment store I’ve wanted to check out for ages but never did because, well, it’s all the way out in Langley!  It was pretty good, although we didn’t get much (we really didn’t ‘need’ anything, I was just curious about it).  Andrew got an Incredible Hulk figurine (lol – he had to have SOMETHING!) and for the babies I got them a little Fisher Price walker.  It was SO cute, as soon as we got it home they were itching to use it for standing, and when I put the music on that it plays, Margaret started bobbing around like she was dancing to it!  Andrew wanted to claim it for his own, and played with it for about 2 minutes with his sisters, but then he declared it ‘too boring’ and was on to something else!

After our shopping we were hungry so we went to Red Robin for lunch (still in Langley).  I’m slightly kicking myself because it was AFTER we left from lunch that we drove past Olive Garden and I totally LOVE Olive Garden but have only eaten there a few times because, well, it’s all the way out in Langley (lol) so yeah…but I actually think Red Robin was better for us in terms of being there with 3 little ones.  The babies were so good – we had them in the new stroller and when our food came I gave them each half a slice of garlic toast and they just slowly grazed on that for pretty much the entire time we were eating.  That’s a really good trick to keeping babies occupied at a restaurant.  Give them something they’ve never had before!  Of course it won’t work every time, but I was happy it did for us today!  Andrew was good too, and enjoyed showing off his new Hulk toy to some kids at the next table over, who were really cute and even said bye to us on their way out.

When we got home I played a bit with the kids in the front yard while James did some bike maintenance, and then off he went for a bike ride.  I was wilting away and could tell I was going to fade fast if we didn’t do something…It was right around 6pm and it’s my usual time of feeling dead to the world.  So I fought it and asked Andrew if he felt up to a little walk to play outside.  He said yes, so after Margaret did some jumpy jumps, and Emily crawled around for a while to get some energies out, off we went.  We went to the little park in our complex and Andrew met two girls who were really friendly and nice to him, and then we met some people with an adorable brand new little puppy.  I texted James a picture of how adorable the girls looked in their new stroller so he’d know we’d gone for an outing and he texted back to see if we wanted to meet up somewhere.  So we swung by the house to grab a few extra things that we might need and off we went to the park.  James met up with us there with smoothies/milkshakes which were SO yummy, and the girls and Andrew enjoyed some swing time and Andrew had fun on the playground.  Lots of people flocked to the babies, I’m noticing lots of kids are really interested in them now, too.  I guess now that they’re on the move, and smiling and waving (Emily waved tonight for the first time!), they’re pretty interesting to kids!

When we got home I had a bubble bath and then got Andrew ready for bed and read him some stories (our usual night time routine).  Emily was already asleep and I nursed Margaret to sleep and then James and I watched some of the new season of Arrested Development on Netflix.  It just felt like a really great day.  It felt so good to get out, get the stroller I’ve been obsessing over, check out some new places, and enjoy the first bit of SUMMER sun for 2013.  Did I mention how excited I am that SUMMER is actually here?!!?!

Thursday, June 20, 2013

All good things must come to an end?

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I’m thinking of going a new route with blogging.  I still want to blog about my life – mostly my kids – as I’m doing now, but I think I want it to be private.  Maybe I’ll also have a totally anonymous public blog where I can talk about other things?  I’m a very private person and I think I don’t like everything I write about being visible to ‘just anyone.’

The thing is, there are a few people out there (I’m sure you know who you are!) who I would want to keep in touch with, and who I hope would still be interested in reading what I have to say.  If you want to follow me in blog land once I’ve figured out what I’m doing (I haven’t planned this ‘move’ out yet, and I’m not even sure when I’ll have the time to make the transition, so it could be a while yet) you can email me at queenliz80 at shaw dot ca and I will add you to my private blog (eventually!)  

I feel torn because I’ve had this blog for so long…My first ever blog (started in 2005 I believe?) is still floating around out there,  It links to my ‘new blog’ (thought-jot) which is actually someone else’s blog now, because I deleted my second blog – stupidly, might I add, because if I hadn’t I wouldn’t have lost a year’s worth of journaling when my computer died on me a week after I deleted it, and, incidentally, a few days shy of my wedding day.  Sigh.  Nope, I will never get over that completely!  But I can write about it now without wanting to cry LOL.

I think I just want separate spaces for different aspects of my life.  I’d like my ‘family’ blog to be private, because otherwise who knows what freaks and creeps are reading about my kids, it’s just kind of weird, you know?  I want my extended family who doesn’t live close by to be able to read my blog about my kids so they can see pictures of them and read about the cute/funny/interesting things they’re doing.  But I don’t want my extended family to necessarily be reading every thought and feeling and ‘story’ about my life that I chose to share on here.  So I’m thinking blog for family, and blog for public.  I think I’d find it particularly therapeutic to be able to write about the issues I have with certain people in my life and the difficulties brought on by other people’s problems, without concern that they could happen upon it and link it back to me.  If that makes sense…I mean, I don’t write anything on here that I feel I’d regret if anyone did read it that I didn’t anticipate would.  Even my mil, who I most definitely have written about with regards to my issues with her – if she read it, well, when the shoe fits, right?  It is what it is.  But at the same time, I could be much more candid if I felt completely anonymous.  Maybe it’s just the type of person I am.  Sometimes I feel envious of people who can just air their clean and dirty laundry alike, and not think twice about any of it.  I’ve always been the type to want to share, but when I do, I second guess myself and think I should have just kept everything behind closed doors.  I’m just a really private person, always have been…But blogging has been such an amazing outlet for me since I first started, and I can’t imagine NOT blogging anymore.  I just think maybe it’s time for a change.

Monday, June 17, 2013

Wave bye bye!

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Margaret started waving today!  So cute.  When you say, ‘Bye bye, Margaret!  Can you wave bye bye?’  She holds up her hand and scrunches her fingers down a couple of times, then grins like she knows she’s being clever.  I love it! 

(The picture is from a few days ago so she wasn't waving, but it's cute nonetheless =))