Outdoor Living

My dad took the day off work today and built us a deck for our little front yard space.  It was so non-functional the way it was, with a tiny cement pad and then some dirt, which always turned to mud when it rained and just made a total mess everywhere.  We have planters and pots with plants and flowers, and we didn’t want to plant any of them directly since we want to be able to easily take everything with us when we move (which hopefully won’t be for a long time, but still!)  My dad built the deck to take up just about the entire yard space, with enough room around it for our planters and pots on top of bark mulch.  (Mulch, what an awesomely weird word!)  I’ll post pictures once we’ve got the yard completely how we want it, with befores and afters. 

I already LOVE the little yard, though.  I bought a Little Tikes play structure for out there off Craiglist for 10 bucks which was an absolute steal.  It’s basic, just a little climber and slide, and a little small for Andrew’s age group (although it’s new to him so when I put it together tonight he was quite happy to play on it, even in the bit of rain coming down!)  But I wanted to get it for when the girls start toddling and will get some use out of it too.  Which won’t be for a while yet, I’m aware, but I was just so excited to score such a great deal, I couldn’t pass it up!  Andrew has his basketball hoop out there, too, which he’s had since he was about 2.  It was over in Nanaimo at my parents’ house when they still lived there.  He only played with it a little bit but now he’s loving it and wants to go outside specifically to play with it.  So I’m happy about that.  I just love having a fenced in space where he can play and I know he’s completely safe.

After the front yard is complete (which won’t take much), my dad is going to help tackle the back yard.  I love that we have so much outdoor space!  It’s modest for sure, it’s not like we have acres of land.  I wish our backyard was more sectioned off than it is, but it’s still fairly private.  Andrew will use his pool out there in the summer, and it’s where we’ve got our table and chairs, but I wanted the fenced in yard to be his play area because I can be in the kitchen cooking dinner or whatever and he can be out there playing without me worrying about him.  I foresee the space getting a lot of use.

Here’s hoping the weather improves so we can spend a good chunk of time out there over the long weekend!


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