On the inside, Margaret (known at the time as ‘Baby A’) was the aggressor.  She kicked and packed a punch like you could not believe.  Emily (or, ‘Baby B’) was much more subdued.  She gave the odd kick to let me know she was doing just fine in there, but for the most part she was content to just float around.  I remember one time in particular, Baby A kicked and kicked and kicked at her sister so severely, and then I felt (and kind of saw!) two swift kicks back from Baby B and then the fighting stopped.

When the girls were newborns, I thought they were the opposite of how they were on the inside.  The opposite of how I thought they would be.  Margaret seemed much more fragile and babyish and Emily grunted constantly and was a bit more of a difficult sleeper.  I thought Emily was going to be a total bruiser and Margaret would be the subdued one, despite how they’d been in the womb.

Now I think they’re back to how they were on the inside.  Margaret is into absolutely everything, and if she isn’t pulling herself up to stand (which she is doing constantly as of the past few days), she’s kicking her legs and flailing because she wants to be on the move.  She crawls all over the place, and fast.  I had a ‘Phoebe’ moment (from Friends) 2 days ago when I left the babies in the middle of the rug in the living room and went into the kitchen for less than one minute to get Andrew a drink.  I came back, and Margaret had vanished!  I seriously had no idea where she was because she was silent and not where I’d left her.  I found her behind the chair, heading for the cords under the table – the only way she could get to them since I’d blocked the table off from the front.  (I’ve since blocked it from behind the chair, too!)  Margaret tends to require more cuddles, naps infrequently and for very short amounts of time (it seems like a few 15 minute cat naps are enough for her…not for me though, let me tell you!!)  Whereas Emily, while she’s interested in things, isn’t as eager to be on the move.  She sits and goes from laying down to sitting on her own, she rolls, and she can crawl a little bit, but she’s content to be plunked down on the floor and just play with the toys around her.  If she gets bored of that she’ll let me know, or roll a bit or crawl to get somewhere else, but for the most part she’s not in any hurry to get around.  She isn’t pulling herself up to stand, though she is steady on her feet if you hold her hands and help her stand.

It should also be noted that Emily is probably at least a pound (I think a bit more, personally, but we’ll find out for sure next week) heavier than her sister, so I think in some ways it’s easier for Margaret to get around as there isn’t as much weight holding her down!  Although, honestly, I think if Emily wants to move she will, but she’s more content to ‘just be.’

I’m not saying Emily doesn’t have her moments, but I find her ‘easier’ than Margaret in the sense that she’s not as curious to get into everything she’s not supposed to as quickly as possible!  It’s hard to say if they will switch that up again in time, as they did from the womb to newborn, and now newborn to infant.  Who knows what they’ve got in store for us!  But I will say that I think there’s a bit of a saving grace in the fact that they have somewhat opposite personalities.  If they were both crazily on the move, I would be that much more exhausted than I already am!  I couldn’t imagine it.  And while one might sometimes seem ‘easier’ than the other, I absolutely adore both of their ways.


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