Enjoying the spring that feels like summer

I’ve been getting a few things done here and there, bit by bit.  The girls are keeping  me busier than ever though, between their rarity to ever nap at the same time during the day, and their increased need for entertainment. 

Andrew was downtown today so I managed to get a few things done in between making sure the girls were happy.  I was particularly pleased to finally get out into our little front yard space to start raking the leaves up and tidy it a bit.  My dad is going to help get our front and back yards spruced up, because he loves to garden and because I don’t have time to do it.  I’d love to get into gardening one day, aside from hating/being slightly terrified of bugs, I think I could really get into it!  It’s so relaxing.  But this isn’t really the time – as it was, I had to rake in several stages because one or both babies wasn’t content to be without me for enough time to get it done in one go.  At one point Emily was asleep in the stroller after we’d been out for a walk, so I put Margaret in her high chair and faced her toward the yard so she could watch me.  She did – she seemed mesmerized by the raking and sweeping, and every time I looked through the window at her she would smile.  It was pretty cute!  Originally my dad was going to do something with the front yard space that I think would look really nice, but for practicality reasons I’m thinking we might go a more tacky route and put astro-turf down over the entire thing and just have a few pots with my herb garden etc, but basically make it the kids’ play area.  It’s fenced so I’d feel safe letting Andrew play out there without me having to worry as much.  The back yard can be done up with a bit more to make it feel like an adult space, aside from the kiddie pool that will be out that way!

I loved the walk I took the girls on.  It wasn’t to anywhere in particular, just a walk-about, a fast-paced one as I’m wanting to get myself in better shape.  It felt like a work out going up hills given that I was pushing probably about 60 or more pounds between the stroller and the weight of the girls.  It felt GREAT to be out in the hot sun, getting some fresh air, AND feeling like I was getting some exercise. 

After dinner I gave the babies their first bath together!  In the big tub, but in a laundry basket.  That way they could both sit up and it would be harder for them to fall over.  It wasn’t necessarily EASY because if one started to slip, it was a bit of a struggle hoisting them up and making sure they weren’t hitting into the other etc.  It’s so much more complicated bathing 2 babies than it is one!  And yes, I can bathe one after the other, which is what I’ve done up till this point, but if I’m on my own and the other baby is fussing, I have to be so quick about it and I feel like they each end up getting totally gipped on the amount of bath time they get to experience.  They really seem to enjoy the water, Margaret especially, and I KNOW they’d like to explore it more and splash and have fun, but the logistics of two babies makes that difficult.  Once they’re a bit bigger and can just be put in the tub together without worrying they could fall over, it’ll be so much easier!!


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