A short 'girls update'

About 3 days ago I noticed Margaret’s first tooth just breaking through her gums, and it has started sprouting a little more each day since.  It’s just barely cracked through, but it’s there.  It’s the same ‘first tooth’ that Emily got.  SO DARN CUTE!  Emily’s first two are REALLY sprouting now and she loves to grin and show them off.  They are way too cute for words.  I’m totally going to miss their gummy grins but little baby teeth are so adorable.  Still very little symptoms with regards to teething.  Other than drooling and sometimes showing slight signs of a little rash around her mouth (but barely), Emily is basically showing no signs whatsoever.  No extra fussiness or need for extra cuddles or waking extra in the night.  Margaret was up for an unusually long stretch through the night last night (to the point she spent her very first night, around 3am, in our bed nursing back to sleep.  The babies haven’t co-slept with us at all otherwise).  She’s seemed a little needier for extra cuddles lately.  But over all her symptoms are very slight compared to how they can be for teething babies.  I really can’t complain there! 

Other than last night, the babies have started sleeping through the night.  Not every night, but they will often sleep for good long stretches of time.  Or just wake up once anywhere from 1-4:30am.  I am basically ‘on duty’ with them till midnight or sometimes 1am, and then James takes them on throughout the rest of the night.  I still don’t feel rested though.  It still takes me a long time to fall asleep at night even though I’m dead tired, so I usually get 5-6 hours of sleep.  I feel like that’s actually a lot – for someone like me, I feel like that’s considered a full night’s sleep.  But I’m sh*t tired every single day by about 3-4 in the afternoon, and generally feel somewhat exhausted the entire day, truthfully.  I think it’s just the logistics of constantly fetching things for Andrew or playing with him, and one or two babies more often than not needing me for something, and having to fit house maintenance and cooking and running errands etc in somewhere, too.  It’s go go go, and I like that I’m busy but at the same time if I felt rested and energized, I feel like I could so much more…for the kids, for myself, just in general.  But oh well, I do the best I can!

Both girls are working hard at crawling, and DO crawl a bit at a time.  Margaret started doing that first but Emily has definitely started working at it too, and she rolls now like she’s making up for lost time, since Margaret rolled for over a month before her.  Our ‘Superyard’ arrived today, (and I got the expansion pack) so I’ve sectioned off half the living room (thank gawd it’s a huge room!) to make it safe for the girls.  It’s basically a big ‘gated community’ for the babies to play in, so when I have to leave the room to make dinner or whatever and I don’t always want to bring them with me, they can be confined to a safe play zone.  We didn’t have anything like that when Andrew was small, but we had a tiny apartment (under 600 sq ft total) and I used our furniture in creative ways to confine him to one area if need be.  Plus I only had him, so that was easy peasy compared to what I’m up against now!  I also can’t see the living room from any other room in the house, so I don’t feel good about just leaving them in Andrew’s care, like I do now.  He’s good about telling me if they need something and I’m not there in that moment, but obviously I can’t rely completely on a 4 year old to REALLY always be watching out for them!  So far they haven’t really spent time in the Superyard, but Andrew has, and he loves it because it’s new and he thinks it’s a little room just for him!  lol

The other day Margaret was laying on the couch and I was sitting beside her.  James was behind the couch in the ‘formal dining room’ that we use more for miscellaneous stuff.  He was sitting at the desk and Margaret was straining to look up at him.  She actually grabbed a hold of the couch cushion, hoisted herself up, and stood there grinning at him!  She stood up like that, holding herself up without any help, for about 10 seconds before she wobbled and fell over.  There is no way she should be able to do that already!  Both girls are super steady on their feet if we just barely help to hold them up.  Basically they will hold onto our fingers and just stand there.  It’s amazing.  Apparently no one gave them the memo that they were born a month early, because they haven’t shown any signs of being behind on any milestones!

Time to tuck the boy into bed…More later!  I want to write a post about the funny things he’s been saying lately…he really is too much!


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