What the girls have been up to...

Today the babies shared an entire jar of pureed carrots.  Once they’re eating more, I’ll start pureeing stuff myself and not buy the jars because with two babies that would add up REALLY fast.  But for now it’s just to give them a taste, and I seriously have no clue where I’m going to add ‘puree food for the babies’ to my to do list…

So far the babies have loved everything they’ve tried!  They’ll be 6 months in 2 weeks minus 3 days.  When Andrew was their age, he was getting his 2 bottom teeth already (the girls are definitely teething but I can’t actually see any buds poking through yet).  He was a nurse-aholic and was latched on ALL THE TIME which is probably why solid foods didn’t interest him all that much.  He would have a couple of bites but mostly just make a mess.  I’m not sure when we introduced hummus but he LOVED that from earlier on than you’d usually expect, and he liked yogurt as soon as he tried that, but the other purees not so much.  In contrast, the girls will eat a bit of yogurt but it’s not necessarily their favourite (well, Margaret’s not super keen, but I think Emily might eat just about anything!) but they both love sweet potatoes, apple sauce, strawberries, bananas, and carrots.  Neither of them really took to the ‘baby oatmeal’ I bought them but I can’t blame them – I tried it and it tasted pretty awful (of course, most of the purees do, too!)  I just think it’s amazing that they’re eating so well already.  I need to do a grocery shop soon and I plan on getting some tasty treats for them – maybe even try them on hummus and see if they take after their big brother for liking that!

Margaret tends to eat somewhat daintily and doesn’t make much mess.  Emily, on the other hand…The other day she took to flailing her arms in anticipation of the spoon and in so doing would hit said spoon and cause pureed food to go flying everywhere!  Then today she didn’t flail her arms but did this thing with her mouth where every time she took a spoonful, she’d splatter some of it out of her mouth!  She’s a messy eater, and she loves her food!  She’s very much like how I was as a baby, or so I’m told!  And Margaret is very much like James.  I still find it interesting that their looks also coincide with that.

Margaret started sticking her tongue out yesterday and making funny noises.  She’s done it a few times since, and then if I look at her when she’s done it she grins at me like it was the funniest thing ever.  She’s rolling so much now that you really have to keep an eye on her because she can get up to some mischief if you’re not careful.  She’s also crawled a little bit, although not a ton as in full on crawling across the room.  If she sees something she really wants, though, she will figure out a way to get to it.  She’s also grabbing at everything, pulls my hair, almost had James’ dinner plate on the floor tonight!  She’s a very busy girl.

Emily takes everything in but she’s content to stay in one spot for the most part.  She can roll from her tummy to her back (to end tummy time when she’s tired of it!) but she’s not rolling back to front yet.  She likes to flail her arms and legs around a lot!  And she’s gotten pretty close to rolling several times but then she’s content to just hang out on her side and look around.  She’s not grabbing at things quite like her sister, not with the same force at least, but she will grab a hold of toys and things if you put them near her.  They both particularly love the glow worm Andrew got them before they were born, and they’re becoming more enthralled with the toys on the play mat.

When we go out, Margaret is more content to sit in the stroller and either look around or, more likely, fall asleep, whereas Emily likes to get out of the stroller for a better vantage point to look around.  She’s very curious about everything and I think ultimately she’d rather skip rolling and crawling and one day just stand up and start walking.  She LOVES to stand if you hold onto her hands to support her.  Her legs are so strong that she can basically hold herself up, whereas Margaret can do that too but to a lesser degree.  Although Margaret seems to like the Jolly Jumper more than Emily!  They both love their exersaucers, though.  Emily can sit up on her own, unassisted, although after a short while she’ll fall over, but she’s getting stronger at it already.  Margaret is pretty close but can’t quite do it on her own yet.

It’s amazing how different they are!  And yet they are so in tune with each other, which is something I find so incredible to witness.  For example, it’s often the case that if one baby starts having a bit of a nightmare, the other immediately starts to fuss.  And it’s not because one has woken the other with noise – I might be looking at Margaret and just see a silent expression come across her face that tells me she’s having a bad dream, and I look over at Emily and she starts to flail or show me that she’s seeing it, too.  It’s hard to explain, but it’s not a fluke, it’s definitely a twin thing. 

They are starting to look at each other a lot more, and smile at each other.  You can tell that they love each other!  Any time they are put down side by side, they hold hands, it’s the cutest thing ever.

Margaret has started to say, ‘Mum mum mum mum mum’.  She also does her usual cooing that she’s been doing since about 8 weeks or so.  Lots of ‘talking’.  Emily likes to ‘talk’ too, and also let’s out these adorable little ‘screams’ when she’s excited about something.  I love both of their voices!

A few days ago Andrew held out his arms and said, ‘Guess what Mommy, I love you and Daddy thiiiis much!’  I told him I love him too, and I asked him, ‘How much do you love the babies?’  He held his arms out as wide as he could and said, ‘Thiiiiiiiis much!’  I asked him, ‘You love the babies more than you love me and Daddy?!’ and he replied, ‘Yes, I do.  Because they are my babies!’  How’s that for big brother love?!
Which reminds me, the girls are sooooo enthralled with their big brother!  They absolutely ADORE him!  They grin at him all the time, and they’ve started laughing a little bit when he talks gibberish to them or gets really close to their faces.  It’s so cute, and of course he laps up all the attention!


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