My sweet babies

I can’t believe my baby girls are 6 months old already.  Some days definitely drag on, and I’m always relieved when I hear the key in the door telling me James is home from work.  But really, when I think about it, I wonder where the past 6 months went.  It feels like just yesterday the babies were still inside me, and now they’re half a year old already.  

I am finding that I love the 6 month age.  I love all the stages for different reasons…I miss my teensy little under-6-pound one-month-early little darlings.  The way I could scoop them both up from their bassinet and hold them both at once.  Their tiny little bodies swaddled up  in blankets.  But there’s something about 6 months.  They are discovering the world in new and exciting ways.  They are sitting up.  (Margaret is starting to sit up, she still falls over easily but she’s getting there – I think within the next week she’ll have mastered it if we continue to practice.  Emily has got it totally down pat!  But still doesn’t roll…Margaret is seriously working at crawling and I wouldn’t give it much longer before she has to really be watched like a hawk…)  I love that they are showing interest in things.  The look of concentration they get when they’re working at grasping an object, and the way they analyze it.   

They’re trying more foods, and I made some homemade purees today – carrots, and sweet potato, and I’ve frozen some so they have easy ‘meals’ on the ready.  I can’t wait till the summer season when I can get lots of fresh fruits and berries to make yummy foods for them. 
They’re just so darn cute, what can I say.  A lot of work, yes, but so adorable, they just melt this momma’s heart.  Andrew too, of course!  He’s so hilarious and I love his banter (most of the time).  The babies look at him with such awe and admiration, it’s so cute to watch.  Andrew loves it.  They just can’t get enough of him!  Tonight at dinner he was nattering away to them in gibberish and Emily started shrieking, she was so excited about whatever she thought he was saying!  Too cute.


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