Kid update and park adventures

I haven’t really been writing lately.  I want to be documenting the kids’ EVERYTHING because it pains me to think how incredibly amazing EVERY SINGLE DAY in their lives is to me, and yet so much of it will be lost forever.  I want it all to be on record!  Well, OK, maybe not ALL.  But all the good parts at least.

Emily is full on rolling now.  She rolled from her back to front for the first time maybe a week ago but then she didn’t seem bothered to do it again for a few days.  Well today especially she was rolling like crazy!  She is also getting her first tooth, it’s the middle bottom tooth on the left.  It has just broken through the skin today.  My mom discovered it.  So cute!!  Other than massive amounts of drooling at times, she has shown no symptoms of getting teeth – as in none of the more negative symptoms that some babies get.  No extra fussiness.  Andrew breezed through getting his teeth in the same way so hopefully, fingers crossed, our girls are both champs about it!
Margaret is sitting up unassisted now.  She started a few days ago but still wavering and falling over easily.  The past few days better and better, and today she was just sitting there pretty much as sturdy as her sister.  She’s smaller than Emily, I’m going to say there’s about a pound difference between them (at their last vaccinations they were 2 oz apart although I really don’t believe it…Margaret has always felt significantly lighter.  She was even lighter in utero!  Not by much, but still!) 

My girls are growing up before my very eyes!  It’s so amazing, these firsts they are experiencing.  I’m loving that they can both sit up now, I really feel it will make life a little easier.  Not in the sense that they’re going to be crawling and walking and then running but sitting up without help means they can while away some time just sitting there playing.  Oh, but I can see some fights ensuing…Every time I handed Emily a toy today, if Margaret was sitting beside her she would grab it away from her sister.  She’s a bit stronger with grabbing things so she wasn’t giving Emily much of a chance!  And sometimes she would pull at Emily’s bib and pull her right over, and then she’d fall over too and they’d knock heads.  Yes, never a dull moment with twins!!  But they are SO cute and SO MUCH FUN!

Andrew is loving his preschool class, and he’s also taking a gym class that he’s doing great in.  He absolutely loves going to ‘school.’  He’s really exploring his imagination lately, and comes up with stories for all his toys that are really elaborate.  One of his favourite things right now is taking pictures of groupings of his little plastic toys and then because I take the pictures on my iphone, they upload to TV, and he scrolls through and looks at them.  He also loves looking up superheroes (well, mostly villians) on the internet and having those pictures uploaded to the TV, too.  We’ve also been making little books lately, such as his latest ‘Mischievous Megatron and the Missing Hat.’  I staple paper together and he draws pictures on them and I write what he wants the pages to say.  It’s a lot of fun!  I love watching and helping him be creative.

 We got out to the park yesterday after one of his classes.  I felt brave going it alone, as it’s not without challenge to go to a park with all 3 kids by myself.  I did OK, and I’ll definitely do it again, but I definitely would prefer to have someone go with me where possible.  It’s hard because obviously I need to look after the girls and be watching them, but I don’t feel comfortable not watching Andrew like a hawk, too.  The name Michael Dunahee comes to mind.  I wouldn’t be able to cope if something were to happen to one of my kids, and while I do feel pretty safe at the parks in our neighbourhood, I’m sure Michael Dunahee’s parents felt safe in theirs, too.  You just never know.  Without scaring Andrew, I’ve talked to him a bit about stranger danger and to never go with anyone who isn’t the person he went to the park with, etc, but still, I can’t help but worry.  So I’m not comfortable not watching him, and besides he could also fall and need me…which would be difficult because I can’t leave the babies unattended to go running to him…I hadn’t thought of the logistics of going to the park with all 3, and I know it will get more challenging once the babies are toddling and I have to try to keep everyone in close proximity!  But we did it, and it went well, and Andrew was really good about staying close or asking if he could go to certain areas of the playground.  The babies chilled out on the grass and seemed to enjoy themselves.  It felt SO good to be out in the sunshine and actually feel some warmth!


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