Easter day

On Sunday we celebrated the babies’ first Easter!

I like that we started the tradition early on that the Easter Bunny visits mid-morning while Andrew is outside playing (so things don't have to happen too early in the morning!)  James was going to take Andrew for a bike ride while the Easter Bunny hid the eggs, but we came to the sad realization that the boy is now too big for the seat on the back of Daddy’s bike.  It was a very sad moment for all of us, actually, because we hadn’t thought that their bike rides that way would be over yet.  It was Andrew’s FAVOURITE thing to do in the summer, going off for rides to various parks with Daddy.  He looked up at James and said in his adorable little boy voice, ‘So you mean I can never go on there again?’ and James had to gently tell him no.  Andrew started sobbing and it took a while for James to console him.  It broke my heart a little because I know how much those bike rides meant, and usually when you go from one phase you move right onto another, but in this scenario there’s a bit of a wait before that can happen.  Ultimately Andrew needs to learn how to ride his own bike, and well, before he and Daddy can take to the streets for a bike ride together. 

So the boys headed outside to get Andrew’s bike out (that he got for his birthday) and I let the Easter Bunny in through the back door =)

My parents came over at noon and Andrew had his Easter egg hunt.  He had so much fun and was thrilled to bits every time he found another egg and had to make sure everyone saw what he got.  He got lots of chocolates and jelly beans but his favourite things were a Robert Munsch book called No Clean Clothes, a tin Spiderman lunch box, and from my parents a new summer outfit (that he wore on our outing later in the day).  He said he would have a couple of chocolates and save the rest for some other time, AND he’d share them all with me!  How awesome is he??!

After the egg hunt and some snacks (and rainbow cupcakes that Andrew and I had made together, as well as carrot cake bought at the store but equally delicious), my parents headed out and we got sorted and took the kids to Burnaby Lake.  It was so amazingly warm out, it actually felt HOT, and as if we were in the middle of summer, not the beginning of spring.  Amazing.  

 It felt so good to be out enjoying the day as a family.


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