Almost 6 months...Where does the time go?!

In 3 days the babies will be 6 months old.  How crazy is that?!!!!
Margaret continues to enjoy rolling, and is really working on full on crawling.  She pushes with her legs and gets a few feet from where she starts off, so she’s definitely getting there.  Yesterday Emily started doing the same thing.  Usually when I put her down for some tummy time she manages to roll from her tummy to her back fairly quickly, and then she just lays there.  She’s not quite mastered rolling from her back to her tummy yet.  For a few days about a month or so ago I thought she was going to, but then she stopped bothering to even try.  I think she figures, why bother, what’s the fun in that?!  She prefers sitting up on her own without anyone’s help.  She started being able to a week or two ago but only for a few seconds without falling over.  Now she can sit up for a long time on her own, at least several minutes.  She loves to have toys placed in front of her and she picks things up and checks them out.  It’s so cute!  Margaret can’t quite sit up on her own yet, but she also loves to play with toys.  Emily does reach out for things but Margaret is VERY grabby.  She will grab anything.  I’m a little concerned for my nose stud, because she sees the little shiny thing and her hands just go for it!  Watch your glasses, because she’ll rip them right off your face!  If there’s nothing to grab, she’ll just grab at your cheek, hair, WHATEVER, it doesn’t matter!!  Both girls love to stand (obviously assisted!! Though Emily is particularly strong on her feet, Margaret moves around sort of frog-like, it’s very cute).
The babies are both loving their pureed foods, and have tried several more varieties in the past few days.  I should probably try feeding them more times with solids through the day than what I’ve been doing as I’m sure they’d take to it.  They both still nurse and we were at about 50/50 there for a while, once I stopped pumping milk and was OK with more formula.  But now I’d say were more like 60/40 with formula winning out.  I blame it on my stupid cycle…Both ovulation and my period make the babies not nurse as well, so every 2 weeks there are days of not-so-great breastfeeding.  It’s frustrating, but affected me a lot more when I was still pumping/obsessing over my milk production.  I always offer breast first but if they get weird about it I don’t try to force it, and I don’t worry about it either.  I’m OK with switching to mostly formula.  I wish it was easier for me to switch entirely because I honestly think it would overall be better for me, but at the same time I still hold onto this desire to continue nursing.  We’ll see how it goes.  Just a few more months and they really won’t need it anymore, anyway.  Tear, tear – my babies are growing up way too fast!  But they’re so delightful.  A lot of work, yes, but oh so cute and I love watching them grow and learn new things every day.


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