A rare afternoon date (at the car wash!)...and chair shopping

Last night Andrew slept over at the mil’s and this morning when she brought him home, James and I got the chance to go out for a few hours on our own.  For a date.  I almost forgot what a ‘date’ was.  !!!  Our time just the two of us is so rare these days, it feels like such a treat when we get to go out.

We had to pick up a painting smock for Andrew because he’s starting a preschool class soon, so we hit up the mall.  While we were there, we checked out a few furniture stores looking for a new accent chair for our living room.  We have one that in theory I love – it’s antique, about 100 years old or at least close to it, has been in my family forever.  I love the look of it, but it has been creaky for a while, and a month or so ago Andrew broke one of the springs while jumping on it during a bit of a temper tantrum (!) so it’s toast to us – we don’t want to spend a lot of money to have an old chair repaired.  My brother is going to take it and have it fixed, which is awesome because it keeps it in the family and it will go great with their décor more so than ours.  So to make a long story slightly shorter, we are in real need of a new chair!

We’ve now looked at 4 stores and I’m realizing how difficult chair shopping is.  James and I aren’t totally agreeing on what style we want, but the price point is also of issue – for both of us.  We don’t want to spend a small fortune on a chair that is undoubtedly going to get stuff spilled on it by 3 children…but we also don’t want to compromise on the comfort level it provides.  I also want it to go with our décor and look like it belongs, of course.  Decisions, decisions!  I guess we could check out Ikea, I’m just not sure if I trust the comfort level of their chairs, as we had a couch from there years ago and it turned out to be a total dud.  (I LOVE Ikea and we have a ton of stuff from there, just not sure about chairs, but might be worth looking into).  Not that my blog gets many comments but if anyone has any suggestions on great places to buy chairs for a decent price, I’m listening!

After our quick stop at the mall, we went to Brown’s Socialhouse for lunch.  Sooo good.  I LOVE their spa veggie burger.  There isn’t a whole lot of vegetarian options on their menu but I love the veggie burger so much that I wouldn’t likely want to order anything else anyway.

After lunch we stopped by Home Depot for a few things we needed.  I was hoping to look at wall decals, particularly something for the babies’ bedroom (I’ve been obsessing over some on Etsy but the issue is not wanting to spend an extra $20 on shipping when the decals are already pretty expensive given what they are) but I didn’t find any there at all.  I might just have to order something so I can stop obsessing, and feel like their bedroom has finally come together.  It still feels unfinished when I go in there and I want it to look awesome.  Other than seeming slightly unfinished, I have to admit when I go into the kids’ rooms I feel so happy – I love that our children have their own rooms (well, the girls are sharing, but at this stage that’s best for them anyway!) and have such cool rooms.  When I see the brightly coloured walls it puts a smile on my face!

Anyway, the COOLEST part of my day – and you can judge me all you want, I don’t even care – was taking Ramona (that’s the name we gave our van, LOL) to a full service car wash.  As in driving through the thing with the big brushes that washes the car for you.  I’d never been in one before but I’ve ALWAYS wanted to try it, and I was so excited when James finally agreed to do it.  Ramona hadn’t been washed since BEFORE THE BABIES WERE BORN and they’ll be 6 months old in 8 days (which is CRAZY, but anyway…)  The van was in desperate need of a wash, that’s for sure.  Not a top priority given all else we’ve got going on, so it felt so good to finally accomplish that AND cross something off my bucket list (going through one of those car washes, ha!)  Because the weather was a bit nicer than we’d expected for today, we also stopped and went for a short walk along a trail near where James bikes to and from work, and when we got home I vacuumed out the van and cleaned the inside.  I’m SO happy to have Ramona spic and span!  I don’t think we’d do the drive through car wash most of the time – I actually noticed it was so harsh on the paint that in a few places where there were tiny scratches they’re slightly larger now…plus it was crazy expensive, but it was done in like one minute and I think that’s pretty darn cool.


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