Upstairs at our house

James took ALL THREE KIDS downtown to his mom's for the day.  This is the very first time I've been alone in our new place since we moved here in January.  And the first time I have been without at least one child in my care for I can't remember how long!  It feels amazing.  I've puttered about getting some things done that I normally don't have time for, and ultimately no matter what I choose to do with this time, it just feels SO GOOD for my psyche to be ALONE.  I have no one to answer to, and I don't have to constantly feel like at any moment someone could suddenly interrupt my thoughts and need me for something.  WOW.  I just wish it could last longer than I know it's going to!  

So I finally took some pictures of the upstairs of our new place.  Downstairs to come at a later date!  But this is a start!

Up the stairs and to the immediately right is Andrew's bedroom. When we were planning our move I told him that he could choose the 'theme' for his new bedroom, and he decided on a 'Spiderman theme, with lots of good guys and bad guys.'  This is what we came up with, and he loves it!  (So do I!)

(Don't mind the cut-outs on his white shelf there in the corner that we store his books in...those are outlines of him and the babies that we made one afternoon, and he insisted they be taped up in his room! lol)

 The 'feature' of course is this giant Superman sticker (which looks much larger in person than this picture fact I find the pictures in general don't give the rooms justice, but at least you get an idea.  The Superman sticker is HUGE and Andrew decided where all the characters would go around him.
Andrew's room is quite big, especially compared to his room in our last place.  It's painted with Benjamin Moore paint in 'Little Boy Blue', which Andrew picked out himself.

He also helped pick the colour for his sisters' room, 'Bunny Nose Pink'!:
 I keep changing their room around, I'm not sure whether to have their cribs side by side or like this angled, against that wall or straight across by the window...It's a constant work in progress!  I also really want to get something for that wall by where the cribs are, but I haven't found just the right thing yet.  I'm considering a wall decal with owls, as their 'theme' is owls.  But I'm indecisive.
 (Not sure why the above picture won't center...Weird!)

I got this cute little hook from Ikea with owls on it.
I also have a few owl things on their shelves, including a really cute print, also from Ikea. 

 I love being able to have the rocking chair in their bedroom.  Technically it would be great for night time feeds, although at this point James is the one getting up with them in the middle of the night! 
I'll do a close-up post of some of my 'favourite things' sometime, but these prints are one of the highlights of the girls' bedroom for me.  I ordered them from Etsy.  The print in the middle is of 2 owls having a tea party, and it's the very first purchase I made for the girls' room once I'd decided on an owl theme.  The prints on either side are from another Etsy site, and have the girls' names (I blocked out their last names for the blog but under their first names they have their middle and last names, too), and all their birth stats, including weight and height.  With, of course, a little owl picture to go with the theme.  I absolute LOVE these prints!
Out the door of the nursery and to the right is our main bathroom.  Pay NO attention to the tiles around the tub, I find them hideous!  I'm used to them now, but they were one reason I wasn't sure I wanted to move here, that's how much I hate them!  LOL  Luckily I'm able to look past the features of our place that I don't like - it's dated for sure, but there is SO much to love about this place that those little things ultimately don't matter.  I didn't take a picture of behind the shower curtain, but we have a great soaker tub, I really love it (just not the tiles!)
  The other end of the bathroom.  It's quite a big space, with a ridiculously long counter top! 
 Then onto the master bedroom, which I feel could use a bit more artwork, but again, it's a work in progress!
 Our room gets so nice and bright in the afternoon, since we haven't had much sunshine lately, on nicer days I sometimes take the kids upstairs for a while so we can enjoy a bit of the brightness (without going outside in the cold!)
Not totally sure yet about placement of things on our shelves - this used to be my 'thing' to organize do-dads and have fun decorating, but I have so little time for such things these days.  One day I'll get things switched around to my liking!

The wall here beside the mirror needs a punch of colour or something to liven it up, but behind these closet doors is a dream come true - two large walk-in closets, his and hers!  I am IN LOVE with the space.  When I get around to actually organizing my closet, I will take some pictures with the door open!

 The view of the kids' rooms from our bedroom door.  To the immediate left outside our room is our 'linen closet' (I use quotes because I'm using the big shelving unit with door for our linen closet that we used in our last place as our pantry cupboard!  But it works perfectly!)  And to the right outside our door is the furnace room, which is a decent sized space but we just have a few things stored in there since I'm not really sure we should have much in there in case we needed to get to the furnace for some reason.  It seems crazy to me in some ways, having a furnace, because it's so old-school.  I don't like it because often I find downstairs too cold but upstairs is stifling.  At the same time, there's something I like about the furnace.  I actually enjoy the noise of it, I find it comforting (maybe because when I was little, up to age 8 when we moved, we had a furnace, so maybe it reminds me of my first childhood home?!)
And one of our criteria for moving: stairs!!  It makes such a difference having two levels.  It really makes it a house and not an apartment.  I love living here, it really has felt like 'home' since day one.


Janice said…
Your home looks wonderful and sounds so roomy,good for you guys !! Can't wait to see the rest :-)

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