So in love with Spring!

Sunny weather makes such a difference in how I feel, wow!
 Andrew was still at my parents’ place yesterday (till early afternoon) so James and I took the girls for a walk around the neighbourhood to some streets we’d never been on before.  It felt SO GOOD to get out for some fresh air.  I am cooped up inside WAY TOO OFTEN and I’m really hoping the better weather will sway me to get out more.  I need it.  I realized yesterday how truly out of shape I am, which makes total sense when you think about it.  I’ve never been one to be some sort of work-out fiend or anything, but before I was pregnant with twins, I walked A LOT because we didn’t have a car.  We bussed more once we moved back to Burnaby from downtown, but taking the bus still requires a fair bit of walking, so I was quite active.  When I was about 13 weeks pregnant with the twins, we bought our van, and I’ve never looked back.  I couldn’t for the majority of my pregnancy since my mobility was so terrible the bigger and bigger I got.  So I got used to a fairly sedentary lifestyle.  Probably my only saving grace was/is the fact that I love to putter about, and therefore even when I probably SHOULDN’T have been doing stuff, I was still ‘active’ in the sense that I had to do stuff around the house at least or I’d go insane.  But it’s not enough to make me feel like I’m ‘in shape.’  Since having the babies I certainly move around in the sense that I have 3 kids to look after, and Andrew alone definitely keeps me on my toes!  But it’s still limited to being at home much of the time.  Luckily we have stairs now, so that’s a little more exercise!  But seriously, I NEED to get out, and I’m considering trying to figure out a way to take some sort of an exercise class at some point soon.  Not sure yet how I can swing that with the way things are currently but I’m hopeful.  I really want to get in shape again.  The girls are going to be 6 months soon, and while I do hear from people that I ‘don’t look like I’ve birthed twins’ (lol), my body is not how I want it to be, and I’d rather make it better before it gets even worse!

It just felt so good to be out getting fresh air and feeling the WARMTH of the sun.  I carried Margaret in the new Ergobaby carrier I got last weekend, and she fell asleep in it and was so content for the entire trip.  Emily chilled out in the stroller and looked like a little movie star in her baby glasses.  WAY too cute!!

After our walk and a quick milk top up for the babies, we picked Andrew up, did a little shop at Safeway, and went to Confederation Park and met up with the mil.  I had never been to Confederation Park not-pregnant, so it was amazing to actually be able to play with Andrew on the playground.  He loved that I was chasing him around playing tag (until he flipped over a cement step and did a somersault in the air, landing all twisted up….yeah…what an amazing guy though, he only ended up with one tiny scrape on one of his shins!  Thank gawd that was all…)  We had a great time, and a little picnic, and it was the girls’ very first time sitting on the grass (and for that matter, very first picnic!)  I love all the firsts – I love how things we normally don’t think about as being a big deal whatsoever seem monumental because it’s THEFIRSTTIMEIT’SEVERHAPPENED!

Last night the mil came over for dinner and James made a delicious Eggplant Parmesan.  So yummy.  This morning I actually woke up in a good mood which in all honesty is pretty rare, and it made such a difference for the day in general.  We had a nice breakfast together and then James headed out for a bike ride with a friend that was going to take about 3 hours.  I had originally thought Aaaaahhhh threeee hoooooours but I know it’s important for James to have time to himself, so I decided to make the most of it.  I fed the girls, Margaret fell asleep but Emily wouldn’t so I tried out a Baby Einstein video for the first time with her.  She loved it!  Then fell asleep watching it, and of course the instant her eyes closed, Margaret’s opened.  But then she watched the video for a while and when she got fussy I put her in the Bumbo chair in the kitchen so she could be with Andrew and I, and she was happy as can be just to be there watching us.  We made rainbow cupcakes, and once they’d cooled we put on chocolate icing, dipped them in coconut, and Andrew decorated them with mini eggs and little bunnies on toothpicks, and one for himself with smarties.

We had a bit of lunch (and a cupcake!) and then rather than sit at home and do our usual, I suggested we pack up the girls and head over to the park to feed the ducks.  Andrew loved that idea, so off we went.  Andrew was a bit lazy so he went in the stroller with Margaret, and I tried Emily in the Ergo for the first time.  She did OK with it but she didn’t seem to like it as much as Margaret does.  I think Emily is like Andrew was as a baby – not too keen on feeling confined!  But maybe she’ll get used to it.  If not it’s OK because Margaret really loves to cozy up to me in there.

It was great to be out in the sun again, and feeding the ducks for the first time this season.  Another mom was there with her two daughters and one of the little girls asked Andrew, ‘Do you like my dress?’  He paused and looked at it and said genuinely, ‘Oh, yes, I do!’  LOL  So cute!!  I love seeing him play with other kids now, he’s really great.
The girls were kind of oblivious to the ducks, but it was the first time they’d ever seen them.  We stayed long enough for Andrew to use up the bread we’d brought, and for the girls to start getting a bit fussy.  When we got home James and his friend were here so we hung out for a while and the rest is history.  We got a bit of work done in the front yard space but not much…A major work in progress for sure, but it will look awesome soon enough!

I’m sooo happy the nice weather is here.  I know this sunshine won’t stick around EVERY day, but knowing we’re heading into the nicer months of the year makes me happy.  So many adventures lie ahead, and so many of them will be firsts for the girls!


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