Settling in

We really love our new place and have no regrets about moving.  I thought I would miss our last place because I loved it so much, but I actually haven’t really missed it at all.  I liked the kitchen 1,000x better there for sure, esthetically at least.  I like the space in the kitchen better here, the layout makes more sense, and even though it’s not stainless steel appliances, I actually prefer the appliances here.  But I loved the counters and white cupboards and newness, basically, of our last kitchen.  I also preferred the look of the fireplace at the old place.  But I like the fireplace here, too, and the space is soooo amazing.  I thought I would hate having carpet after having the laminate floors but now I’m realizing I actually prefer carpet.  I like the LOOK of laminate, but the carpet is warmer, and makes more sense with little kids.  I also find vacuuming so much easier than washing floors! 

I love that it has 2 storeys, and is a house, rather than an apartment.  That set of stairs really makes all the difference!  I love the kids’ bedrooms, and we have a really big room ourselves, with 2 walk-in closets that I already feel I couldn’t live without!  I still have work to do decorating the girls’ room, and I need to organize my closet, and there are definitely things we need to buy to fill the space, but it’s getting there, and it has pretty much felt like HOME since the first night we were here.  Knock on wood, but so far it is SO QUIET here.  I was worried about neighbour noise and you CAN sometimes hear the neighbours but very infrequently and they’re families also, so it’s not like partying noise or something!  Totally preferred over the loud footsteps of our upstairs neighbour in our last place.  I can’t believe how noisy he truly was, now that we don’t have anyone living above us.

I look forward to the spring and summer, when we’ll also be able to start enjoying our outdoor spaces, both in the front and the back of the townhouse.

I just wish I had more time to organize and set things up and putter about.  I basically only have time these days to do the essentials, and even at that I am often rushing around while the babies sleep or are content to just chill on a blanket and Andrew is either downtown (like today) or happy to do his own thing.  By the time I’m allotted some down time in the evening (which isn’t every evening, but often enough in order to prevent me from going crazy) I either bathe (and even that’s not usually alone, Andrew tends to join me and then I get him into bed) or I nap.  Basically, when I have ‘time’, I’m too tired to do much of anything with it.

I’m not feeling AS overwhelmed this past week or so.  I still have my moments.  And by late afternoon/early evening I’m totally wiped, every day without fail.  But I’m not feeling quite as hopeless in terms of the overwhelmed feelings I get.  The trick that seems to be working is taking things day by day, sometimes even just hour by hour.  It might sound silly, but I’m serious.  I can’t think too far ahead or my head starts to spin.  I just have to live in the moment, and leave the rest.  Some days are better than others.

We all have colds, all 5 of us, which is totally annoying.  We’ve had WAY MORE illnesses this season than our fair share, imho!  BUT I’ll take a cold over the norovirus any day, so hopefully this will be it and then it will be spring time and the sickness will leave us alone for a good long chunk of time.

I have so many things I want to write about…But probably only a few more minutes till the girls are awake.  This is actually the longest they’ve slept both at the same time during the day in quite some time…

They are just so precious and cuter every day, even though that seems impossible.  They are reaching out and grabbing things now.  They enjoy their exersaucers, although Margaret is still a tad small sitting in it so she tends to not be able to grab at stuff in it as easily.  I stuff blankets in front of them in the seats to sit them up since they’re small for them.  Emily was actually grabbing at some of the toys and was spinning one around yesterday.  They also both love the Jolly Jumper.  In a moment of insanity I re-bought the floor mat that plays music when they jump on it.  I say ‘in a moment of insanity’ because it’s noisy so you’d think I wouldn’t want it (we had it for Andrew and I remember how much noise factor was involved when he did his jumpy jumps!!  He used the mat so much it broke!)  But I bought it and totally don’t regret it because just like their brother, the girls are proving to love the mat.  They hear the music and then do some crazy jumps to make it do it again.  It’s priceless!


Lojo said…
Was thinking of you :) The girls are beautiful-- I see so much of you in their faces. Great to hear you're happy in the new place. Cheers!
Elizabeth said…
Aww, thanks! I've been wanting to write some comments on your recent blog posts but I'm usually checking from my iphone which I find difficult to write much on, and then by the time I'm using my computer (which is rare lately) it doesn't happen...I've been thinking of you, too, and will hopefully get a message sent to you soon ok! XO!

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