Prepping for Easter

We (me and the kids) had a good day today, but I’m realizing that from about 4-5pm till around 8-9pm I have a really rough time emotionally…I’m in that time (and therefore mind) frame right now, so hopefully this post won’t suffer as a result.  (I’m just really tired at this point of day, worse than any other part of the day for some reason, and it totally affects the way I see things).

This morning after I got Andrew and I fed (and the girls, of course, but that goes without saying since they feed often!), the girls bathed and dressed, and the girls settled into their high chairs in the dining room, Andrew and I got to work decorating Easter eggs.  I thought rather than waiting till Easter day or the day before, we could get them decorated in time to actually give them as gifts to the people we’ll see leading up to Easter.

I got the cups set up with warm water and vinegar, and Andrew dropped the dye ‘pills’ in and we oohed and aahed at the bright colours 5 minutes later.  Luckily they dried quickly so Andrew could decorate them (very sparingly with his stickers, as it happened!)  He also painted some with some Easter paints we picked up from the dollar store.

While Andrew did some of the decorating, I fed the babies.  They had some pureed pears and pureed strawberries.  They were ravenous!  Emily would whine and grump if I was feeding Margaret instead of her, and when Emily was being fed Margaret would stick her tongue out as if SHE was supposed to be getting that bite.  LOL  I may have to start feeding them at the same time with both my hands, rather than one bite for one and then the other and repeat.  They don’t eat a ton of ‘solids’ yet (just purees) but the quantity is certainly a lot more than Andrew took in at their age.  He wasn’t all that interested, he just wanted to nurse 24/7, whereas both our girls seem keen to do both!

The girls had a lot of time in their exersaucers today, as well as being carried in the Ergo (well, Margaret anyway), tummy time, etc.  I think the combo of that and my parents being here in the afternoon made them sleepy and they had a long nap before and through dinner time.  Our plan is to get them doing Jumpy Jumps and more exersaucer time and other stuff that gets their energies out so they won’t stay up extra late after that nap.  They usually never nap longer than MAYBE half an hour at a time throughout the day, and rarely at the same time, so this was unusual for them.

Andrew’s having a sleepover at my parents’ house tonight.  James and I are planning on taking the girls for a quiet stroll tomorrow morning, so hopefully the sun will be shining as nice as it was today.


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