Crazy how fast 5 months has gone by...

I felt dead to the world today, the exhaustion is getting to another breaking point I think.  I managed to push through, though, and had some fun with the kids.  Andrew and I did a cool diy project that I found through pinterest, and I made a new batch of play dough for him to play with.  It whiled away some time and I felt good about getting him doing something different and creative.  We also did some colouring and maze making in the new Spongebob activity book my grandma brought him last weekend.  I’m doing my best to keep him away from the TV more often, as I really don’t want to rely on it too much – although of course there are times where it’s just not something I can avoid.  I suppose I could, but it would be difficult!  It will be great once the weather is nicer and we can go play outside, take walks to the park, hang out in the yard.

Emily did one of those hilarious baby laughs today, the kind that people record and put on youtube.  It wasn’t long enough for me to whip out the video camera, but it made me laugh, too, and now I can hardly wait till both girls are laughing up a storm.  It’s the funniest thing ever, baby laughter!  I bet Andrew will have a field day making his sisters giggle.

Emily still hasn’t started rolling, but I’m totally fine with that, as it’s a lot more work watching babies on the move!  Margaret rolls constantly, you really can’t put her down and not have her roll away on you!!  When Andrew and I were in the kitchen making play dough, the girls were on a blanket in the living room.  I had Andrew check on them every few minutes and it wasn’t long before Andrew came running in to tell me, ‘One baby is laying on the blanket.  Another one rolled off and is kicking the couch!’  LOL  He still gets them mixed up a lot.  I’ll ask him who’s who and it’s probably about 50/50 whether or not he answers correctly!  But I obviously knew who was laying on the blanket and who had rolled off toward the couch!!  Later in the afternoon Margaret nearly rolled right over to our bookshelf, and it’s waaaay on the other side of the room.  She’s also been pushing really hard with her legs when she does tummy time, trying to get herself moving.  I wouldn’t be surprised if she’s crawling in another month!

I can’t believe my babies are 5 months old already…(as of today actually, the 14th!)  It’s so hard to believe.  They’re totally beyond the newborn stage and while I love the stage they’re at I’m a little sad to see them so ‘grown up’ in comparison to their newborn-ness.  Awww!  But luckily I know there are so many more adorable phases to enjoy, so I suppose I can handle not having teensy tiny newbies anymore.

They had their 2nd round of immunizations on Monday.  Margaret is catching up to her sister’s weight!  She is 15.9lbs and Emily is 16lbs.  Such strong and healthy baby girls.  We are so lucky.  With being born 4 weeks early, it’s amazing they are both well above the 50th percentile for their weight without adjusting for their due date.  I think they’re both above for height as well, although closer to average than to say they’re ‘tall.’  Margaret is 1cm taller than Emily, although I actually think it’s a bit more – it’s so hard to measure them though as how do you force a baby to totally straighten out their legs?! 

The girls did so amazing with getting their shots.  I was nervous because even though they did well their first time around, I hate to know they’re crying out in pain for even a minute or two.  James met up with me to take them (which was awesome as he never went for any of Andrew’s, so it was his first experience with the full immunizations) since it’s a bit more challenging for me to go on my own with two.  We took them to our family doctor this time, rather than the public health clinic, just to get them seeing our doctor again since they hadn’t since they were just over a week old.  They both did so well, cried for maybe 20 seconds each, if that!  I was so relieved, and happy to have that out of the way.  They didn’t really have any side effects from getting their shots, other than maybe sleeping a bit more (Emily in particular).  Which I can’t complain about!  lol

Things are going well, but every day is a challenge no matter what mood I’m in.  One minute I will be thinking, this is a breeze!  I can totally do this!  I have totally GOT THIS!  And then the next I am ready to throw in the towel.  It really can change that quickly.  I start doubting myself about something, or start thinking about how challenging it’s going to be to have twins at pretty much every stage, and I freak myself out and spiral out of control (or close to out of control, more like).  It’s tough…I also find dealing with other people’s issues (family stuff, mostly) really difficult lately, I guess because I’m so tired and I’m just not able to take as much on as I could before.  I also have VERY little help when it comes right down to it, like VERRRY little help, so it’s tough.  But all considered, and if I reeeally think about it, I’m doing really well.  Everyone is fed, bathed, dressed in cute outfits (well, I’m often not in particularly cute outfits LOL but the kids all are!), entertained, and well slept (again, not me!!!  Or James for that matter!) so really, what more can I ask for?!  Everything else is a bonus!



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