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So in love with Spring!


Prepping for Easter

Andy Roo

Andrew and his fake 'Cheese!' smile!

Upstairs at our house

James took ALL THREE KIDS downtown to his mom's for the day.  This is the very first time I've been alone in our new place since we moved here in January.  And the first time I have been without at least one child in my care for I can't remember how long!  It feels amazing.  I've puttered about getting some things done that I normally don't have time for, and ultimately no matter what I choose to do with this time, it just feels SO GOOD for my psyche to be ALONE.  I have no one to answer to, and I don't have to constantly feel like at any moment someone could suddenly interrupt my thoughts and need me for something.  WOW.  I just wish it could last longer than I know it's going to!  

So I finally took some pictures of the upstairs of our new place.  Downstairs to come at a later date!  But this is a start!
Up the stairs and to the immediately right is Andrew's bedroom. When we were planning our move I told him that he could choose the 'theme' f…

Finally some sunshine