My funny Valentine

Even though I'm exhausted and can barely find the time to take care of normal every day tasks, I had every intention of sending out Valentines this year with a picture of my 3 adorable little ones as the focal point.  How cute would that be, right?  I looked online early and knew where I would have them printed and approximately how many I would need.  I felt my head - not something that happens often these days!

Unfortunately, it didn't quite pan out.  For one thing, unless I made a rush order, at this point it would be too late to get the printing done with the company I had planned to go with AND have them sent out to everyone in time for Valentine's Day.  For another, that's a moot point, because it was impossible to take a good picture of all 3 kids with my point-and-shoot camera in poor lighting and obviously a lack of imagination for setting/props (props, of which there are none, unless you count the twins being 'propped' up by Andrew's arms!!)

Here is what I ended up with when I uploaded the pictures.  I had to just laugh.  And decide on no Valentine's this year, with the hope that next year it will work out the way I saw it in my head...

First we have Andrew fake-smiling (which let's face it, is as good as it gets, because he fake smiles for almost every picture I take of him...if he's not making a weird face, that is...And no, his fake smile face is not weird compared to the plethora of bizarre looks he likes to give for the camera.  For lack of a better term given our vegetarianism, he's a regular ham!)  Oh yeah, and not only is Andrew fake-smiling, but his eyes are closed, Emily's staring off with a look of total boredom, and Margaret is either working on a baby rendition of Stayin' Alive, or...I don't even know what - but she doesn't look comfortable!
 Next up we have Andrew with his eyes closed yet again, only this time with a slight look of disgust on his face...Emily is decently posed but still looking rather bored, and Margaret is in the exact same position, I think with a touch of red eye...Awesome.
 This next picture would be great if Andrew wasn't squinting his eyes as if the sun was blinding him...and if Emily was looking at the camera instead of her fist (It's as if she's wearing a watch and checking the time - 'Are we almost done here, Mommy, I've got better things to do than this!')  Good ol' predictable Margaret, still in the exact same pose as before...Not sure how I didn't notice that her arm was awkwardly stuck in an upward position, but beyond that she's the most photogenic of the bunch here, I'd say.
 Next up we have more eyes closed on Andrew's part...While Emily doesn't look happy per se, she's at least looking at the camera.  But Margaret is beginning to look quite awkwardly uncomfortable, and the colour of her eyes is matching the trim on her onesie a little more than I would like...
 Next we have the best picture of the entire lot (sad but true), but still not an image that screams 'Be Mine' or any other Valentine-sy slogan.  Andrew looks borderline shocked and not altogether happy, Emily appears to have a lazy eye, and Margaret...Well, she looks the same as always!  Ready for a high five...or something.
 Now we're just going completely downhill, and here is where I obviously gave up and realized it just wasn't happening.  Andrew's arms were getting tired and he was warning me that if I didn't get his sisters off of him, he was going to just let go.  While still not loving the arm in the air, Margaret and Emily actually look pretty cute here - if Andrew didn't have devil eyes and a frown, we might have had something with this one!
 But alas, the boy was more excited to have his picture taken with his glow in the dark toy skeleton.  Fake smile and all.
Oh well, no biggie.  There's always generic store-bought Valentine's!  (Or, the even easier route of none at all!!)


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