Last week's post that never made it on here...

I wrote this on January 29th!  Sigh...I am getting further behind by the second!  lol

Today was a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day.  Maybe not every single second of it was that awful, but close.  I had several good moments in the day where I was just enjoying my kids and living in the moment with them happily.  But the times in between were long, and felt overwhelming.  I have SO MUCH TO DO to get us unpacked and sorted, but how can I possibly find the time to get anything done when I have a 4 year old and 2 3.5 month olds to look after?!  It’s impossible.  I just get started on something and Andrew’s hungry, and thirsty, and then hungry again, and then thirsty for something else, and then doesn’t like the snack I prepared, and then he wants a different show on, and then and then and then and then and then….!!!!  Not to mention I just think the girls are about to nap when one of them wakes up, then as soon as that one is asleep the other one wakes up, and repeat.  Andrew thought it was fun to ask me 10,000 times in a row (possibly more) if I was hungry – Mommy are you hungry?  Are you hungry?  Are you hungry?  ARE YOU HUUUNNNGGGGRRRRYYYYY!???  Meanwhile I was of course starving, because how can I find the time to feed myself when I’m so busy looking after everyone else?  Though I tried not to let him see that asking that same question over and over was getting on my last good nerve, because that would have made him ask me even more.

That being said…We’ve moved.  Yes, the move part is done!  FINALLY!  After weeks of norovirus, a cold, and then a flu/cold – yes, I even got a flu after going through the norovirus, sooooo unfair!  I had all those illnesses, had to look after all 3 kids on my own every day for much of it, AND I had to pack up our entire place in preparation for our move this past Saturday.   It was basically HELL this past several weeks, I won’t lie.  It was so hard to be on my own with so much responsibility when I was feeling so unwell.  I couldn’t see in my mind how we would ever be prepared for the move.  But moving day came and went and here we are in the new digs!

It felt weird saying goodbye to our old place, because I did love it there, but getting our stuff into this place and seeing that one empty immediately made this house our Home.  I definitely miss certain things about our old place, but we have so much SPACE here!  I absolutely love it.  Already I wonder how we managed in such a small condo – about 750 sq ft.  This place is around 1400 sq ft if I remember correctly.  So nearly double, although honestly it feels like more than double.  It’s also brighter and just feels more like a house, which I guess technically makes sense given it’s a townhouse!

The unpacking part is a process for sure, but I do prefer it over packing.  I feel better knowing we’re in here and can settle at our own pace, rather than frantically be trying to prepare to move when we’re exhausted and sick and not actually up to the preparing.  I still can’t get over what a nightmare that all was, but at least it’s over and done with.

My family was unbelievably helpful with the move, despite also dealing with illnesses, and it also helped that Andrew slept over at the mil’s the night before the move so he wasn’t in the way/bored during the move itself.  I don’t know what we would have done if no one was able to help us at all on Saturday (aside from the movers, which doesn’t really count given we had to pay them…a lot as it happens, since they ‘underestimated’…I would never go with that particular company again due to the way it all turned out, but anyway…I was worried we would have no one helping us but in the end my parents and bro and sil and my cousin-in-law all stepped up to the plate and made a world of difference for us!

So we’re here and I’m exhausted, and I don’t mean to be sounding so negative but I know that I kind of do.  I’m just really, really tired…so instead of writing any more, even though I hate that I never have time for writing these days despite how badly I want to document things…I’m going to have a nap before James has to go to bed in an hour…Sigh.  One day I’ll feel like I have spare time again, right?  Right??!!!!!!!


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