Another 'old' post!

 I wrote this...yesterday I think?!  One day just blurs into the next, but yes, I'm pretty sure this is yesterday's news!! :

Everyone is sleeping and has been for several hours, so of course I should have been, too. But I had a power nap after dinner and gained a bit of energy, which I took advantage of once the babies fell asleep and I powered through several boxes in my quest to get this house unpacked! Slowly but surely it's getting there. Considering I have primarily been on my own every day with all 3 kids, it's amazing that I've got as much done as I have!

It's a process though. Once everything is unpacked I feel like I will have to start over. Meaning that I will inevitably realize better ways of organizing as we live in this new space. Some things I've organized similar to our old place because it keeps things familiar, and I'm ok with that, but some things don't fit the same way here as they did in the old place, and I'm not ok with leaving things in a cluttered, incohesive state. I want things just so, which may not be entirely practical nor feasible with a house full of little ones, but I'm going to strive for it regardless! It just might take a year or two to get there - lol!!

I feel happy right now. Maybe it's because my nap rejuvenated me enough that I'm not letting negativity in. I've had my moments these past few days, some where I went so far as to find myself thinking things like 'I hate my life right now.' Which ultimately I don't, but having a 4 ur old and twin babies, having been sick for weeks but never really getting the chance to just take care of ME, and being on my own in the midst of unpacking, leaving what was home for two years, it has been a lot to process without any real time TO process!!

I get so tired and ultimately exhaustion is the devil so it's no wonder I sometimes feel like I'm growing horns! I've been doing OK tho, I think I'm making it sound worse than it is?!

Today I took the kids to a new friends' house, a friend who is having twins, who has a boy Andrew's age, and who I happen to get along with really well. It's so awesome to finally have met someone who has a lot of similar things in their life as me, and to be meeting other moms of multiples, it became a goal of mine during pregnancy so I'm so happy it's finally happening! And to have a friend for Andrew his age, it's perfect.

I bought 2 exersaucers today for $30 which was AWESOME! I can't believe our girls can already sit up in an exersaucer but they are so strong and definitely ready! It will be a saviour for me to be able to plop them in for some exercise play time while I get a thing or two done...or is that just wishful thinking - lol.

It's the weekend, and all I can say is THANK GAWD. And thank gawd for my amazing husband, who is so awesome and attentive and helpful, I honesty don't know how I'd manage this somewhat chaotic time in my life without him!


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